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Rose is nominated for St. Olaf Woman of the Year and with a little help from Blanche and Dorothy altering her list of qualifications on the entry form, she's a sure winner. Meanwhile, a heat wave strikes Miami and the girls air conditioning goes out.

Guest cast[]

  • Ben - Jim Doughan
  • Sven - Doug Cox
  • Len - John Moody
  • Fred - Valente Rodriguez
  • The Driver - James Lashly

Special Guest Appearance by[]


  • Rose says St. Olaf Woman of the Year is the town's highest honor. Yet in Ladies of the Evening, Butter Queen is St. Olaf's highest honor. Apparently in St. Olaf, you have to be honest and know how to churn butter equally.
  • In Season 3, Dorothy is terrified and on the verge of a heart attack at the thought of flying on a big jetliner, but apparently that fear has vanished, as she has no trouble flying on a plane much less safe than that.
  • The girls are complaining about the horrible heat wave in this episode, and yet they're all wearing pants and long sleeves!
  • Rose's St. Olaf Woman of the Year trophy was a milk chocolate statue.
  • The background shot during the closing credits features the four ladies toasting Rose's "St. Olaf Woman of the Year" award.
  • Richard Mulligan crosses over in his role as Dr. Harry Weston from the spin-off Empty Nest. Harry is the girls' neighbor, a widower pediatrician. This is also his first out of the three crossovers on the series.