Dorothy gets a date from the boyfriend that stood her up at her prom, when she brings it up the truth is a shock. Also Blanche struggles with a diet to fit in her wedding dress.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Dorothy gets a phone call from John Neretti, he was the school's bad boy, but they dated in high school until he stood her up at their senior prom, despite Sophia telling her not to, she is going on the date. Meanwhile Blanche is coming up to her anniversary so is going on a 2 shakes 1 meal a day diet in order to fit into her Wedding Dress.

The evening comes, at the medieval theme restaurant Dorothy and John have rekindled their relationship he wants to see her again, she reveals she is chaperoning a senior prom, John offers to be her date, when she reminds him of their senior prom, he reveals he did show up and Sophia told him to leave because he was dressed badly. After returning Dorothy confronts Sophia who admits it, that he was rude, she didn't tell Dorothy at the time because she thought he would return, Dorothy angry tells her Mother not telling her made her go out with Stan resulting in her 38 years of Hell.

Blanche is struggling with her diet, she then finds that Rose has eaten her diet meal which drives her mad. The night of the prom comes John and Dorothy are ready to go with Rose snapping a picture. Also Blanche got her red wedding dress on.

After the prom John and Dorothy are in bliss, while Dorothy is still sore at Sophia, John reveals what Sophia said she said he wasn't good enough for Dorothy and so from that moment he better himself and asks Dorothy when he's next in town to see her again she agrees. She then wakes Sophia who was asleep on the couch forgives her for what she did and they have a nice chat about the prom.

Guest Stars[edit | edit source]

  • Hal Linden as John Neretti
  • Sid Melton as Don The Fool
  • Nick Jameson as The Minstrel

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sid Melton plays Don even though he was playing Sal.
  • Blanche also had a Red Dress for Funerals as it was George's favourite colour.
  • In another episode Dorothy did go to the prom without a date and spent it in the basement pretending.
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