Trudy McMahon was a character who appeared in the Season 3 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Till Death Do We Volley". The par4t of Trudy was played by veteran film/TV actress Anne Francis.

About Trudy and Dorothy's friendship/rivalry[edit | edit source]

In the episode "Till Death Do We Volley", Dorothy rekindles an old rivalry with former high school classmate Trudy McMahon at her high school reunion. Dorothy later blames herself when her friend and Trudy, who was a good friend of Dorothy's, but at the same time somewhat of a rival, particularly at outdoing each other in the area of practical joking, seemingly dies suddenly while playing tennis against her. When, at the reunion, it's revealed that Trudy was pulling a prank on her, Dorothy, as a seeming act of revenge, returns the favor, by luring Trudy's husband Jack McMahon (Robert King) into her bedroom, and to make it seem as if she and Trudy's husband were sleeping together! But, alas the jokes on the other girls, as they all get caught up the in practical joking!

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