To Catch a Neighbor was the 24th episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls, also the 49th overall series episode. Directed by Terry Hughes and written by Russell Marcus, the episode premiered on NBC-TV, first airing on May 2, 1987.


Undercover detectives stake-out at the ladies' house to capture jewel thieves.


The girls invite their new neighbors over for dinner but later,after they leave,2 police detectives arrive with some unsettling news. The girls' new neighbors are really dealers in stolen gems.After some debate,the girls decide to let the 2 detectives move for a stakeout.

Guest CastEdit


  • Rose mentioned that she saw the McDowells at the grocery store and wrote down everything they bought. When Martha comes over,she mentions that Rose followed her around the store the day before.All the characters were in the same clothes.A day hadn't past yet.
  • Joseph Campanella and Betty White have both appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful.
  • The background shot during the closing credits feature Dorothy, Rose and Blanche, looking back at Sophia,while they are all sitting on the floor.
  • Blanche mentions her son Matthew in this episode.
  • Watch for a young George Clooney playing Bobby.