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Three on a Couch is the 11th Episode in Season 3 of The Golden Girls. Directed by Terry Hughes, it premiered on December 5th, 1987, on NBC.


After weeks of arguing the ladies go to group therapy but through Flashback, despite their reasons for hating each other does this mean ending their friendships over it.


The ladies decide to go to group therapy after they have been arguing nonstop for weeks. While visiting Dr. Ashley, each character flashes back to situations where another woman has irritated them:

Dorothy insists Blanche is selfish, she tells the story of when she was sick, Blanche still expected her to double date, Dorothy clearly was unable to sit up let alone speak to some stranger and after passing out from her fourth toddy Blanche admits to Sophia, Dorothy's date won't mind he turns out to be a biker that did time for arson.

After Rose complains they all call her dumb, Sophia gives a example, Dorothy got Rose to put an ad for her in the paper, however after a strange guy comes from reading the advert, however Rose finds it she put it in the Personals, after several men came in, Blanche tells Rose she can't do anything right, resulting in Rose calling her Norwegian insults.

Blanche and Rose insists Dorothy is critical about everything. The example they give was that they rented Alien and are trying to sleep in Dorothy's bed while she was trying to revise for a test, so Sophia kicks them out.

Sophia says she's the glue that holds the group together, she talks about the time she solved all three girls problems with the same story, yet she is feels that she is under-appreciated and that's her complant.

At first, Dr. Ashley says domestic issues can be solved by hard work and cooperation. However, he quickly claims the women are all totally incompatible with each other. Through this touch news, Sophia sits down all the other women and gives them a lecture that tough times are simply living. They finish the night by eating and bonding over their usual cheesecake.


Blanche: I'm 41 years old, I'm 5'6", I weigh 108 pounds, and my hair is its natural hue.

Sophia: She's talking about when you're in an upright position.

Dorothy: It's a dumbbell, you twit.

Rose: I think she's a gerkochanachen. Literally, it's the precise moment when dog doo turns white.

Sophia: I knew you were a quack, If you were a legitimate shrink, you would have strung us along for months.

Guest Cast[]

Philip Sterling as Dr. Ashley


Dr. Ashley as he helps the women sort out their issues.

Dorothy gets a visitor after an ad in the newspaper about working anything for $8.

Sophia sits on the couch in Dr. Ashley's office.

Dorothy sits on the couch in Dr. Ashley's office.

The Golden Girls ladies at the kitchen table after their therapy session.