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There Goes the Bride (Parts I & II) were the 16th and 17th episodes of Season 6 of The Golden Girls, also the 144th and 145th episodes overall in the series. With both episodes in the two part story arc directed by Matthew Diamond, the teleplay for Part I was written by Mitchell Hurwitz, while the story was derived from one by Gail Parent and Jim Vallely, who wrote Part II of the story arc. The episodes originally aired on NBC-TV, premiering on February 2, 1991.


In Part one of a two-episode story,Dorothy has been sneaking around so that Sophia doesn't discover that she's been dating Stan.However,when Stan proposes,Dorothy must reveal the truth to Sophia.Meanwhile,Rose goes out to dinner with Ray,a friend of Miles,whose ex-wife Myra begins stalking Rose.Sophia is totally against Dorothy and Stan's impending nuptials and vows not to let the ceremony happen;Blanche interviews a potential roommate (Debbie Reynolds).In Part Two The Wedding is being prepared and Sophia is still against it,Rose convinces her that her daughter is a grown woman and so deserves to make her own choices.However that day Myra comes to the house,she isn't there to cause trouble she admits she never got over the divorce and so her children decide she needs to move on,by going to Shady Pines.The day arrives Sophia gives Dorothy her blessing but before the service Stan offers Dorothy the choice to sign an Prenuptial Agreement, Dorothy is angry and the trust Stan had built with her goes in seconds,she orders him out and tells the guests she won't be making the same mistake.While the new roommate knows that the room isn't hers anymore she asks to stay for a couple of days as she's tired of hotels,Dorothy decides to go with Sophia on holiday using the honeymoon tickets Stan gave her to keep.

Guest cast and notes[]

  • Stan Zbornak - Herb Edelman
  • Lois - Toni Sawyer
  • Cop - Jack Yates
  • The Caterer - Raye Birk
  • Myra - Meg Wyllie
  • Father Monroe - Jack Blessing
  • Marvin Mitchelson - as himself
  • Erroll - Milt Oberman
  • Photographer - Cleto Augusto
  • Truby - Debbie Reynolds