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Dorothy is angry because she can't get a date for her goddaughter Jenny's wedding which is fast approaching. Rose is reluctant to go to the wedding because her boyfriend Miles is out of town and weddings get her "hot." Blanche wants to lend Dorothy a date from her "collection," but Dorothy knows it always "puts a strain on our relationship" when Blanche tries to be generous. Sophia points out the importance of looking good at this wedding: Giuseppe Mangiacavallo, grandfather of the groom, left Sophia standing at the altar 70 years ago and she put a curse on him. Dorothy acquiesces, and asks Blanche for a date with Doug. The only problem is, Doug is listed on Blanche's "A" list, and when Blanche's date cancels for the wedding she finds herself incredibly attracted to Doug, which inflames Dorothy. Meanwhile, Sophia tells Mangiacavallo that she has planned for all the happiness of the day to come "crashing down on your head". He scoffs, until the bride and groom have an ugly fight that threatens to ruin the reception. Mangiacavallo begs Sophia's forgiveness. Sophia removes the curse, but not before Dorothy and Blanche return from bickering over Doug to find he has left the wedding with Rose. Dorothy admits Rose is "really something" when they discover she only had Doug take her to the airport to go meet Miles.

Guest Cast[]

  • Howard Duff as Giuseppe Mangiacavallo
  • Tanya Louise as Jenny
  • Myles Berkowitz as Joey
  • Stuart Nisbet as Doug
  • Jonathan Schmock as Waiter


File:Golden Girls The Complete Collection (2010) - Clip Falling Leaf Story

Dorothy forces Rose to shorten a St. Olaf story