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The girls plan to spend the day house cleaning, while Sophia tells them that she is going to buy a nectarine, Dorothy worries that Sophia isn't doing enough in her life and it turns out she is very wrong.At the Store, Sophia argues with a staff member over the ripeness of the nectarines but finds one, then her friend Claire is having a problem,she tried to return some lamb meat but because she had opened the package they can't return it but Sophia pretends to be a member of an group for protection for Seniors and they give Claire her money back and Sophia gets money off. After this, Sophia is working as a conductor for a band of older musicians, the rain has put the people off going out but Sophia gives the ladies a reason to play as best as they can and they do. Later that afternoon Sophia is working as a candy striper at the local hospital where despite her insults she does show kindness to one old lady asking if somebody has sent her flowers, realizing she hurt the woman's feelings allows her to take the flowers on the cart. Then her friend Sam appears, he is in hospital and Sophia gives him the nectarine, where it is revealed he has either HIV or AIDS but Sophia reminds him to eat healthier as he might make it. Sophia returns home while the girls haven't done anything but lies to them, Sophia tells them that she brought a nectarine nothing more.


Frances Bay ... Claire
Nick DeMauro ... Clerk
David Selburg ... Store Manager
Ellen Albertini Dow ... Mrs. Leonard
The Dixie Belles ... The Band
Kokko Burnaby ... Sam