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Brighton Belles was a short-lived British sitcom, based on the hit U.S. NBC sitcom The Golden Girls. The programme consisted of 11 episodes, which were broadcast from 1993 until 1994.

Plot Differences[]

Apart from the change of location from Miami to Brighton (which is a retiree haven), the names of the characters were changed (see below for names), as was characters to help translate the show.

The changes included:

  • Rather than being a Sub Teacher, Frances was headteacher.
  • Bridget was Irish.
  • Annie was still a Grief Counsellor but she worked for Citizens Advice in place of a specialised centre.
  • Josephine was married to a Scottish Mobster.
  • The House was now a Period Townhouse.




9 Mar 1993 · Tue 8.30 pm.


7 Sep-12 Oct 1993 · Tue 8.30 pm.

7 Dec-28 Dec 1994 · Wed mostly 7 pm.


The show received a negative reception from audiences and critics alike. The Show was such a failure that it was pulled from airing with the remainder of the series airing a year later. The show's failure was also due to The Golden Girls success in Britain, making a spin-off clearly a mistake.



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