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Dorothy and Stan are audited by the IRS, and they may be in deep trouble due to Stan's extravagant spending. Meanwhile, Rose takes a Spanish class at night school to qualify for a promotion at work, and Blanche tags along because she figures it'll be a good way to meet smart men.


At dinner Blanche who hasn't had a date in 8 days is fearing she was losing her touch.Rose reveals she needs to learn Spanish to gain a promotion so is doing evening classes and Blanche sees this as a chance to get smart sexy men.Stan arrives and reveals that the IRS are going to audit both him and Dorothy as the focused time was while they were still a couple.

The next evening after Rose and Blanche go to class,Dorothy and Stan go through the deductions and it turns out Stan wasted their money on bad investments but also he spent a lot of money on the diamond ring Dorothy got for her 38th anniversary saying while he was bad, he respected her, the sweet moment is spoiled by the fact Stan secretly bought a Corvette and Dorothy has a rage hoping Stan goes to jail.

At the office Stan tries to use code to influence the auditor but it fails.After going through the deductions,the sum of money they have to pay is $5,000,the couple have to give $2,500 each towards the payment and if they don't they will be imprisoned.That next night Rose is preparing her test and Blanche offers her the answers revealing she promised to sleep with the teacher but Rose reveals she only cheated once and was caught.She fed her Lamb toy pellets to weight heavier at the fair, Blanche is shocked.Dorothy appears still worrying on how she can pay the fine, the girls offer her their money but she refuses,she has half of the money,she decides she will pawn some items to make up the payments and Blanche and Rose offer their help with selling things.

At the Pawn Shop the buyer is straight to the point,all the items are worthless but he likes Dorothy's ring and offers her the amount she needs,Dorothy's still emotionally attracted to what Stan said however Blanche reminds her that after the 38 years Stan left her and so she sells it.

That evening Rose and Blanche have decided to give up the lessons Rose's Norwegian roots make her a weak learner and Blanche was attracted to a gay student. Stan comes with his half and gives Dorothy her ring back, he didn't want her to sell it for his foolish actions, to buy it back he sold the Corvette and he realizes that the time he spent with Dorothy was worth more. As Blanche and Rose go out to give Dorothy and Stan some alone time, they talk about being together again and after Stan ruins the moment Dorothy tightens the hug.

Guest Stars[]

Tony Perez as Mr. Escobar

Richard Penn as Mr. Murray.