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The Accurate Conception was the third official episode of Season 5 of The Golden Girls TV series. It was directed by Terry Hughes and written by Susan Harris. The episode originally aired on NBC-TV on October 14, 1989.


After a week of mother-daughter bonding, Blanche's daughter, Becky, reveals to her mother that she would like to undergo artificial insemination to have a child and become a single mother. Blanche is horrified by this and reacts harshly to the reveal due to its "unnaturalness." Blanche informs all of the girls and they are all equally as shocked and disgusted as Blanche and they began to share their unique stories of how they're children were conceived in order to comfort Blanche. Later, in a heated argument between Blanche and Becky, Blanche becomes heated and Becky says that if she won't support her then Blanche will lose her as a daughter. However, Becky convinces Blanche and the rest of the girls to go to the sperm bank with her to see what it is really all about.

While at the doctor, Blanche gets enraged and storms out.

Back at home, the girls confront Blanche to apologize to Becky before she leaves for the airport and they explain to her that she's not really upset at her daughter being artificially inseminated but is instead upset about the control she no longer can have over her daughter now that she is an adult. Blanche realizes she was in the wrong but doesn't know exactly how to apologize. Luckily, Becky overheard the conversation enough to hear her mother's regrets. Though the women agree that the idea of being artificially inseminated is offputting and disgusting to them, Blanche finally apologizes (technically, Dorothy is the one who says sorry) and offers to drive her to the airport.

Throughout that storyline, Dorothy tries to get Sophia to attend a doctor's checkup. Sophia continually refuses to get the checkup until she makes a deal with Dorothy that if she goes to the doctor, she gets to go to the sperm bank with Becky and Blanche.

Guest Cast[]

Debra Engle as Rebecca Devereaux

Kelly Ann Conn as The Receptionist

James Staley as Dr. Manning

Notes/Fun Facts[]

  • Dorothy reveals that her child was conceived by Stan while she wasn't conscious.
  • Rebecca Deveraux was originally played by Shawn Schepps. This is the first time we see Rebecca played by Debra Engle.