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Take Him, He's Mine was the third episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls TV series, also the 28th overall series episode. Directed by Terry Hughes and written by Terry Grossman, it originally aired on NBC-TV on October 11, 1986.


Dorothy hands her ex husband Stan over to Blanche to confront him in his depressive state, Needless to say, afterward Dorothy learns that both of them go out quite often now and Dorothy becomes completely jealous of this taking place. On the other side, Rose and Sophia join sides to sell sandwiches to compete with others in their designated location.


Dorothy is about to go out with Jeffrey an Naval Commodore when Stan arrives, he's depressed because he has lost the business, so Dorothy gets one of the others to go out with him, after failing with Rose, she conceives Blanche whose single for the moment to do it. Dorothy returns from a great date, Blanche returns and despite the night being typical for Stan's style she enjoys it to do it again to the surprise of Dorothy

However, after a while Dorothy is dumped and accuses Blanche of sleeping with Stan, which confuses Blanche as she thought that Dorothy wouldn't mind Stan being out of her hands, however despite trying to give Dorothy confront from her bad breakup, she goes back to accusing when Blanche reveals she isn't going to stop seeing Stan.

However that night jealous Dorothy confronts Stan at his hotel when she speaks to Blanche who is under the bedclothes of the betrayal she feels but it turns out that Blanche broke up with Stan and in the bed is one of Stan one night stands. Speaking to Blanche at home she apologises to her, but can't explain why she acted like a fool, Blanche understands it's the unevenness of jealousy and anger like the in-between colour of Magenta.

B Plot[]

Sophia convinces Rose to start a sandwich business with her. It starts off with them running out of Tomatoes then after a while, they are in competition with a rival called Johnny "No Thumbs" who threatens them only for Sophia to tell everyone she has Uncle Aldo. However after going through the money it's revealed Rose's naive nature has resulted in the workmen having free food, Johnny is stopped when Uncle Aldo threatens him but Rose and Sophia ends their business due to it failing.

Picture It[]

Sophia tells a story to Rose of her passage to America, the moral was to stop Rose being naive, showing how she could take money from her telling that story

Guest Cast[]


Sophia Petrillo: Rose, let me give you a few lessons in economics. Lesson one: quit being an idiot.
Rose Nylund: Ok.
Sophia Petrillo: Lesson number two: the law of supply and demand. Before you supply the sandwiches, you demand the money.
Rose Nylund: Ok.
Sophia Petrillo: Lesson number three: quit being an idiot.

Rose Nylund: Where you going?

Dorothy Zbornak: To either get ice cream or commit a felony. I'll decide in the car.