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Sven is a cousin of Rose's who flies in from St.Olaf, Minnesota in the episode, A Visit from Little Sven.

He is played by Casey Sander


Sven is tall, with a fair amount of blonde hair and an moustache, he has an Swedish accent and clearly is more simpler than Rose. His clothes are average at most but Sophia calls them ugly.


Rose explains to the girls that Big Sven has arranged for him to marry a woman called Olga, Little Sven arrives, greeted by Rose and is a very bubbly and loose-minded person who isn't accustomed to modern life very well. Much like Rose. It's clear for Blanche and Dorothy that he worst than Rose.

Dorothy says he even offered to kill dinner for them the night he arrived. The next morning he and Rose were planning to see Miami but Rose has to go in to work, so Blanche and Sven go out, due to Floyd her current beau has cancel over and over again. They have a great time and eat at a restaurant and Blanche spots one of her boyfriends, Floyd, coming into the restaurant with a girl half his age (and as Sven points out, half Blanche's age as well). So to make him jealous Blanche pretends that Sven is a boy toy, it's clear to that Sven is enjoying it more than Blanche realised and later that day he professes his love for Blanche in front of Dorothy and Rose.

Rose is furious, knowing Sven is meant to be on a plane soon for St.Olaf, also Blanche is conflicted and doesn't know how to not hurt Sven's feelings. They talk things out but things don't really get settled, he acknowledges that he knows why she did it but explains that he feels that he can try to provide her a happier life than men like Floyd, which appeals to Blanche's romantic side so she holds back. The next morning however Rose who called Sven's Father has been told that he will deal with this, just then Olga, Sven's arranged bride arrives and he realises his feels for Blanche wasn't as strong and so Blanche accepts his apology and he leaves with Rose making sure to send his luggage.


  • Despite Sven saying that they never met, Rose remembers him at a party in A Piece of Cake.
  • Second time Blanche had an ill fated time with a younger man the first was Dirk.