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A political candidate for whom the ladies are campaigning says that he and Blanche had an affair. Blanche protests her innocence but the girls do not believe her.


Gil Kessler a councilman who is dull is rerunning and at a party held by the girls Sophia and Dorothy admit he's too weak for the race. After the party Gil leaves since he's got to prepare for tomorrow. However he left a file which Blanche goes to return. The next day the papers show a photo of Blanche entering Gil's house and the papers believe Gil is having an affair, Blanche, upon discovering this, denies she had sex claiming she spend two hours talking and helping him with his clothes. That afternoon Gil appears at a press conference where Blanche (watching at home with the girls) hopes he'll tell the truth. Instead he confirms the rumors and Blanche's name is revealed. Dorothy and Rose refuse to speak to Blanche as they think she's lying in embarrassment for what she did. They insult her for being so loose. Blanche goes to Gil's office to confront him. He says he's sorry for using her saying that he only lied because the interest has improved his chance of winning; people are noticing him which hasn't happened all his life. Blanche reminds him that he first won because he was honest and now he has to live with the guilt of using his publicity to be popular. The next night Blanche is bombarded with journalists as she arrives for Gil's election, She, Dorothy and Rose trade insults. Gil makes his speech, admitting he can't be a councilman with lies. He reveals he didn't sleep with Blanche and then reveals that he is transgender, his name before 1968 was Anna-Maria Bonnaduci. That night Dorothy and Rose are feeling guilty for treating Blanche badly. Blanche doesn't punish them but instead admits that she does add color to her stories and shouldn't have been surprised by it coming back to haunt her, Blanche and the girls patch up the relationship and Blanche tells some more stories.


John Schuck as Gil Kessler