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Sophia schemes to remove her ailing friend, Lillian, from "the worst nursing home in the city."


Blanche tells Dorothy and Rose that she received her latest bonus and has planned to use it on Breast Enlargement which she is mocked for. However Sophia has just returned to Shady Pines her friend Lillian wasn't there, Blanche then reveals she's in Sunny Pastures, Sophia is horrified as she classes the place worst that Shady Pines, Sophia goes to visit the place and Dorothy seeing her Mother's fear goes with her. 

Later on Blanche is looking at pictures she got from the doctor of the breasts, Rose remarks with silly advise. Dorothy and Sophia return from Sunny Pastures, Dorothy admits that Sophia was right about it and Sophia wants to try visit Lillian as much as she can. However that night Rose and Sophia go to the home and bust Lillian out.

That morning Dorothy tells the home Lillian is visiting and Sophia is trying to look after Lillian, but soon enough she shows that she is Senile and that Sophia is exhausted. Dorothy and Sophia go to see the manger, but he is overworked, while he wants to help, the lack of money and process is stopping him. 

Without anything Dorothy and Sophia return home, but Rose found a Nursing Home that will help Lillian with her problems, the only flaw is that they need an extra $150 a month due to Lillian's benefits not being enough and Blanche is able to provide her bonus as enough to pay for Lillian. While Dorothy is glad she doesn't feel happy, Blanche remarks that many people end up in homes and are forgotten, Lillian was the lucky few and maybe they might be in a nursing home soon enough and so they make a pace to stay together, then Rose remarks "what happens when there is only one of us left?" Sophia remarks she can look after herself. 

Guest Stars[]

Ellen Albertini Dow as Lillian

Ron Orbach as Dan Cumming


  • Ellen Albertini Dow would play two other characters on The Golden Girls in Older and Wiser and The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo.
  • Betty White as Rose saying "what happens when there is only one of us left?" is seen as sadder today, since Betty was the last surviving Golden Girl and has now passed away just seventeen days before she turned one hundred and what makes it even sadder is that, in that scene, the four are sitting, from left to right, in the order of which they died.