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Dorothy is feeling extremely overtired.She is sure she is sick but all of the doctors she visits tell her she's fine and that the problem is mental. Meanwhile, Blanche decides to write a romance novel.

Synopsis. Part 1[]

Dorothy has been feeling tired for months and is concerned that it's not going away, she goes to many doctors but they all say that she hasn't anything wrong, most say it's stress related and the New York Neurologist Dr. Lewis Budd suggests that it's all in her mind and that maybe she should try something different to break the cycle like a new look reflecting on how his wife did the same and she never looked back. However Rose does tell Dorothy that this sickness isn't in her head and convinces her to keep fighting.

Synopsis. Part 2[]

Dorothy visits Dr. Harry Weston who clearly sees that Dorothy is suffering and suggests a specialist, Dorothy sees the specialist who diagnoses her with a lesser known illness known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dorothy treats the girls to Dinner at a restaurant and orders the best champagne, but she sees Dr. Budd and his wife and she tells him off. She calmly explains that he made her feel bad that she was wasting his time, reflecting on what he said which even his wife tells him off for that and Dorothy tells him to listen to his patients as he will be in their place one day. Dorothy returns and toasts the girls for believing in her, they remark on how good the champagne is and Rose tells them the price, it's too much but Sophia then spoils it with salt and the waiter upon trying it tells them they can have their meal for free as an apology.

Guest Cast[]

  • Dr. Budd - Michael McGuire
  • Dr. Stern - Jeffrey Tambor


  • Episode number - 103
  • Production code - 103
  • Nielsen ratings - 34,800,000 viewers (4th place in the weekly ratings).
  • On the original episodes, this episode marks the start of an updated opening sequence. Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty now have new clips during their credit. (When shown in Lifetime syndication, this version of the opening is shown only during several episodes from Season 7).
  • In this episode, Sophia Petrillo discusses how it would feel to have a child die before the parent, She would come to know exactly how it feels in Season 6 episode Ebbtide's Revenge, when her son Phillip "Phil" Petrillo died suddenly of a heart attack.