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This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 7, the final season of The Golden Girls TV series. The season consisted of 26 episodes.

Broadcast history[]

The season originally aired Saturdays at 8:00-8:30 pm (EST) on NBC from September 21, 1991 to May 9, 1992.[1][2]

DVD release[]

The Region 1 DVD was released on February 13, 2007. The Region 2 and 4 DVDs were respectively released on April 2 and March 18, 2009.

Season 7 Episodes (1991-92)[]

Picture Title Original Airdate Episode # No. in Series Prod. code Directed by Written by
File:155.jpg Hey, Look Me Over September 21, 1991 1 155 7.1 Lex Passaris Mitchell Hurwitz
Rose finds an old photograph of her late husband, Charlie Nylund, in Blanche's bed, and then demands some answers. Meanwhile, Sophia resists getting a hearing aid.
File:156.jpg The Case of the Libertine Belle September 28, 1991 2 156 7.2 Lex Passaris Tom Whedon
The ladies attend a "Murder Mystery Weekend", where Blanche is suspected of committing a real murder.
File:157.jpg Beauty and the Beast October 5, 1991 3 157 7.3 Lex Passaris Marc Cherry & Jamie Wooten
Blanche drags her visiting granddaughter through a beauty pageant, while Sophia re-connects with an old nemesis. Edie McClurg and Alisan Porter both guest star.
File:158.jpg That's For Me to Know October 12, 1991 4 158 7.4 Lex Passaris Kevin Abbott
Blanche must either upgrade the house or "lose a renter." Meanwhile, Dorothy demands to know about Sophia's first (previously unknown) husband.
File:159.jpg Where's Charlie? October 19, 1991 5 159 7.5 Lex Passaris Gail Parent & Jim Vallely
After Miles gives Rose a "friendship ring", she thinks that Charlie is angrily trying to contact her from beyond the grave with the message that he disapproves of her relationship with Miles; Blanche begins coaching her new baseball-player boyfriend, Stevie (Tim Thomerson).
File:160.jpg Mother Load October 26, 1991 6 160 7.6 Lex Passaris Don Seigel & Jerry Perzigian
After Blanche starts dating a TV news reporter (Peter Graves), she must fend off another woman: the man's overbearing mother; Meanwhile, Stan (Herb Edelman) asks Dorothy to attend a counseling session with him.
File:161.jpg Dateline: Miami November 2, 1991 7 161 7.7 Lex Passaris Marc Cherry & Jamie Wooten
Sophia, Blanche, and Rose recall previous "bad dates" when Dorothy is the only one with a date on a Saturday night. Soon thereafter, they all start reminiscing about some of the worst dates they have ever had.
162.jpg The Monkey Show (Parts I & II) November 9, 1991 8/9 162/163 7.8/7.9 Lex Passaris Mitchell Hurwitz & Marc Sotkin
In the first part of a two-episode story arc, A hurricane and Dorothy's newly-bankrupt sister arrive in Miami. After attending therapy, Stan tries to "get over" Dorothy by sleeping with her sister, Gloria. In the second episode, Dorothy learns that Sophia actually encouraged Stan and Gloria to "hook-up", and she is furious.
File:164.jpg Ro$e Love$ Mile$ November 16, 1991 10 164 7.10 Lex Passaris Don Siegel & Jerry Perzigian
Richard Vaczy & Tracy Gamble
After tiring of Miles' "frugality", Rose goes on a double date with Blanche and her wealthy, big-spending friends. Meanwhile, Blanche has been left in charge of Sophia while Dorothy is away, and Sophia decides to go to Sicily to square things with the man she stood up at the altar decades earlier.
File:165.jpg Room Seven November 23, 1991 11 165 7.11 Peter D. Beyt Tracy Gamble & Richard Vaczy
Both Sophia and Blanche have supernatural experiences, much to Dorothy's disbelief after being rendered unconsicious, Sophia has an after-life experience, seeing her late husband Salvadore (Sid Melton) in heaven. Meanwhile, Blanche is distraught over the demolition of her grandmother's plantation, so the girls travel to Atlanta where Blanche handcuffs herself to the radiator.
File:166.jpg From Here to the Pharmacy December 7, 1991 12 166 7.12 Lex Passaris Gail Parent & Jim Vallely
A Persian Gulf soldier, whom Blanche cannot remember, returns to win her back; he charges her with the promise he says she made to him before he left: that she would be his and only his. Meanwhile, Rose helps Sophia with her will.
File:167.jpg The Pope's Ring December 14, 1991 13 167 7.13 Lex Passaris Kevin Abbott
Sophia accidentally takes Pope John Paul II's piscatory ring, in hopes that the Pontiff would bless her ill friend in hospital. She is eventually forced to return it.
File:168.jpg Old Boyfriends January 4, 1992 14 168 7.14 Peter D. Beyt Jamie Wooten & Marc Cherry
Rose can't remember an old acquaintance, named Thor Anderson, from St. Olaf, who admits that he used to have a big crush on her. Meanwhile, Sophia meets an elderly man through a personals ad whose insists that his sister accompany them on all their dates together.
File:169.jpg Goodbye, Mr. Gordon January 11, 1992 15 169 7.15 Lex Passaris Gail Parent & Jim Vallely
Dorothy's former English teacher from high school returns, and ends up taking the credit for an article that Dorothy wrote. James T. Callahan guest stars.
File:170.jpg The Commitments January 25, 1992 16 170 7.16 Lex Passaris Tracy Gamble & Richard Vaczy
Dorothy dates a Beatles impersonator, while a new man in her life causes Blanche to question her sexuality.
File:171.jpg Questions and Answers February 8, 1992 17 171 7.17 Lex Passaris Don Siegel & Jerry Perzigian
Dorothy strives to be a contestant on the TV game show Jeopardy!.
  • Guest stars: Alex Trebek, Johnny Gilbert and Merv Griffin as themselves.
File:172.jpg Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan February 15, 1992 18 172 7.18 Lex Passaris Marc Sotkin
Dorothy and Stan are both arrested as "slum-lords." Herb Edelman guest stars as Stan.
File:173.jpg Journey to the Center of Attention February 22, 1992 19 173 7.19 Lex Passaris Jamie Wooten & Marc Cherry
Dorothy becomes more popular at Blanche's regular nightspot.
File:174.jpg A Midwinter Night's Dream (Parts I & II) February 29, 1992 20/21 7.20/7.21 174/175 Lex Passaris Kevin Abbott & Tom Whedon
A full moon on Leap Day prompts Blanche to throw a Moonlight Madness Party, but Dorothy gets all the attention; Rose proposes to Miles after winning a free honeymoon to Paris. The full moon and festivities prompt strange happenings: Dorothy and Miles find themselves sharing a passionate kiss, and Blanche's necklace disappears while she necks with a British man. Note: One-hour episode, two-part episode arc.
File:176.jpg Rose: Portrait of a Woman March 7, 1992 22 176 7.22 Lex Passaris Tom Whedon
On the suggestion of Blanche, Rose, gives Miles a boudoir photo of herself for his birthday, instead of a set of golf clubs she had at first planned. Meanwhile, Career Day results in a new job for Dorothy.
File:177.jpg Home Again, Rose (Part I) April 25, 1992 23 177 7.23 Peter D. Beyt Gail Parent
In the first part of a two-episode story, Rose, after being too sick to attend her own high school reunion, so, after being persuaded by Blanche, she and the ladies crash another reunion that is being held in Miami, but during the festivities, Rose suffers a heart attack.
File:178.jpg Home Again, Rose (Parts II) May 2, 1992 24 178 7.24 Peter D. Beyt Jim Vallely
Rose must undergo triple-bypass heart surgery; Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia grapple with the possibility of losing Rose. Meanwhile, Rose's daughter Kirsten arrives and expresses her disapproval of her mother's living arrangements.
125px One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (Parts I & II) May 9, 1992 25/26 179/180 7.25/7.26 Lex Passaris Mitchell Hurwitz and Don Seigel & Jerry Perzigian
Series ending two-episode story arc. In part one, Blanche tricks Dorothy into going out with her visiting Uncle Lucas. While out together, Dorothy and Lucas decide to seek revenge on Blanche by pretending to get engaged. Meanwhile, they really do fall in love. They soon plan to have a real wedding. In the second part, Dorothy and Blanche's Uncle Lucas get married, and the ladies tearfully part company.