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This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 4 of The Golden Girls TV series. The fourth season of The Golden Girls premiered on NBC-TV on October 8, 1988, and concluded on May 13, 1989. The season consisted of 26 episodes.

Broadcast history[]

The season originally aired Saturdays at 9:00-9:30 pm (EST) on NBC from October 8, 1988 to May 13, 1989.[1][2]

DVD release[]

The Region 1 DVD was released on February 14, 2006. The Region 2 and 4 DVD were released on December 6 and December 5, 2007 respectively .

Season 4 Episodes (1988-89)[]

Picture Title Original Airdate Episode # No. in Series Prod. code Directed by Written by
File:77.jpg Yes, We Have No Havanas October 8, 1988 1 77 4.1 Terry Hughes Mort Nathan & Barry Fanaro
Blanche and Sophia date the same man, causing a rift between them. Meanwhile, Dorothy teaches a history class for high school drop-outs - with Rose as one of her students.
File:78.jpg The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo October 22, 1988 2 78 4.2 Terry Hughes Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman
Dorothy thinks that Sophia needs to change her lifestyle. Ironically, it is Sophia who has a fulfilling day of activities that she keeps to herself, while the other ladies spend a rainy day procrastinating from doing many chores that need to be completed around the house.
File:79.jpg The One That Got Away October 29, 1988 3 79 4.3 Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd
Blanche tries to woo the only man who ever rejected her. Rose spots a UFO, much to Dorothy's disbelief.
File:80.jpg Yokel Hero November 5, 1988 4 80 4.4 Terry Hughes Martin Weiss & Robert Bruce
After Dorothy and Blanche forge Rose's accomplishments, Rose becomes St. Olaf's "Woman of the Year." "Saint" Rose, however, refuses to attend the ceremony after she finds this out. In the end, Rose wins the award because she really does display the qualities that it stands for.

Guest stars: Richard Mulligan as pediatrician Dr. Harry Weston (cross-promoting the NBC sitcom Empty Nest); Valente Rodriguez as Fred; Jim Doughan as Ben; Doug Cox as Sven; James Lashly as driver.

File:81.jpg Bang the Drum, Stanley November 12, 1988 5 81 4.5 Terry Hughes Robert Bruce & Martin Weiss
Stan talks Sophia into a frivolous lawsuit just for the settlement. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose prepare to be in a local rendition of the musical. Herb Edelman returns in another guest appearance as Stanley Zbornak.
  • Other guest stars: Ben Rawnsley as Dr. Jerry; William Denis as Dr. Cauley; Helen Duffy as woman in wheelchair; Matthew Brooks as Timmy.
File:82.jpg Sophia's Wedding (Part I) November 19, 1988 6 82 4.6 Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan
Sophia's dearest friend, Esther Weinstock, dies, and Sophia must face her old nemesis (also the deceased's widower). Unexpectedly, the old rivals hit it off right away.
File:83.jpg Sophia's Wedding (Part II) November 26, 1988 7 83 4.7 Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan
Sophia and Max return from their honeymoon, and they try to resurrect Max and Salvador's old pizza-and-knish stand at the beach. Dorothy, being under a lot of stress, resumes smoking cigarettes after fifteen years without smoking.
File:84.jpg Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket December 3, 1988 8 84 4.8 Terry Hughes Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman
A frantic search to retrieve a winning lottery ticket (which Sophia accidentally gave away) takes the ladies to a homeless shelter.
File:85.jpg Scared Straight December 10, 1988 9 85 4.9 Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd
Blanche's brother, Clayton, visits, and reluctantly "comes out of the closet."
File:86.jpg Stan Takes a Wife January 7, 1989 10 86 4.10 Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey Stallworth
Dorothy realizes her true feelings for her ex-husband after Sophia is hospitalized prior to Stan getting married to another woman. Elinor Donahue guest stars as Katherine Zbornak, Stanley's new wife.
File:87.jpg The Auction January 14, 1989 11 87 4.11 Terry Hughes Eric Cohen
In order to afford a new roof, the ladies invest in a dying artist's work. However, Sophia accidently overheard that the artist was near death while volunteering at the hospital.
File:88.jpg Blind Date January 28, 1989 12 88 4.12 Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd
Blanche unexpectedly meets a new man, John Quinn, after repeatedly being stood up by her current beau, Tom Gallagher. However, Blanche is hesitant because of John's blindness.
File:89.jpg The Impotence of Being Ernest February 4, 1989 13 89 4.13 Steve Zuckerman Teleplay by: Rick Copp & David A. Goodman
Story by: Kevin Abbott
Rose's latest love interest reveals that he is impotent. Meanwhile, Sophia "mysteriously" receives a black feather in the mail, which has her acting like a double secret agent. Richard Herd guest stars.
File:90.jpg Love Me Tender February 6, 1989 14 90 4.14 Terry Hughes Richard Vaczy & Tracy Gamble
Sophia objects to Dorothy's new lover, Eddie, because all they do is "hit the sheets." Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose become pals to two motherless girls, who also happen to be juvenile delinquents.
  • Guest stars: John Fiedler, Stephanie Ridel
File:91.jpg Valentine's Day February 11, 1989 15 91 4.15 Terry Hughes Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman
Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan
The ladies remember the unique ways that they have celebrated Valentine's Day in the past.
File:92.jpg Two Rode Together February 18, 1989 16 92 4.16 Terry Hughes Robert Bruce & Martin Weiss
Dorothy spends some "quality time" with a reluctant Sophia in the Florida Keys, while Rose and Blanche collaborate to write a children's book with not-so-good results. Special appearance by R&B/pop ballad singer Freddie Jackson.
File:93.jpg You Gotta Have Hope February 25, 1989 17 93 4.17 Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan
A childhood fantasy leads Rose to believe that Bob Hope is her father. Meanwhile, Dorothy is in charge of a variety show that seems to fail miserably because of an obvious lack of qualified talent.
  • Guest stars: Bob Hope, Douglas Seale, the Del Rubio triplets, Daniel Rosen.
File:94.jpg Fiddler On the Ropes March 4, 1989 18 94 4.18 Terry Hughes Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman
Sophia invests the roommates' money in a prizefighter with his own secret hobby.
  • Guest stars: Chick Vennera, Pamela Kosh.
File:95.jpg Till Death Do We Volley March 18, 1989 19 95 4.19 Terry Hughes Richard Vaczy & Tracy Gamble
Dorothy rekindles an old rivalry with former classmate friennd Trudy McCann at her high school reunion. Dorothy later blames herself when her friend and Trudy seemingly dies suddenly while playing tennis against her. When, at the reunion, it's revealed that Trudy was pulling a prank on her, Dorothy, as a seeming act of revenge, returns the favor, But, alas the jokes on the other girls, as they all try to outdo each other in practical joking! Anne Francis guest stars.
File:96.jpg High Anxiety March 25, 1989 20 96 4.20 Terry Hughes Martin Weiss & Robert Bruce
Dorothy and Blanche learn that Rose is addicted to painkillers, while Sophia and Dorothy star in a commercial.
File:97.jpg Little Sister April 1, 1989 21 97 4.21 Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd
Rose's younger sister, Holly, repeatedly leaves Rose out of various activities. Even worse, Rose catches Holly kissing Blanche's latest love interest.
File:98.jpg Sophia's Choice April 15, 1989 22 98 4.22 Terry Hughes Richard Vaczy & Tracy Gamble
Sophia schemes to remove her ailing friend, Lillian, from "the worst nursing home in the city."
File:99.jpg Rites of Spring April 29, 1989 23 99 4.23 Terry Hughes Eric Cohen
While preparing for an upcoming party, the ladies recall past attempts to get in shape. Lloyd Bochner guest stars.
125px Foreign Exchange May 6, 1989 24 100 4.24 Terry Hughes Harriet B. Helberg & Sandy Helberg
Two visiting friends of Sophia's reveal that Dorothy may have been switched at birth.
File:101.jpg We're Outta Here (Parts I & II) May 13, 1989 25/26 101/102 4.25/4.26 Terry Hughes Part 1: Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan
Part 2: Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman
A man makes a lucrative offer for Blanche's house. In Part 2, The roommates mull over whether or not they should sell the house.