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Rose the Prude was the third episode of The Golden Girls, also the 3rd overall episode in the series. Directed and written by Barry Fanaro and Jim Drake, it premiered on NBC-TV on September 28, 1985.


Having not dated since her husband died, Rose reluctantly agrees to go on a double blind date with Blanche. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia have a gin rummy marathon. Rose quickly takes a liking to her date, but is hesitant to spend the night with him. Later, he invites her on a cruise with him, and she agrees.


Blanche is in a problem her date's brother has arrived in town and she needs to hook him up so she tries Dorothy who is too busy playing Gin Rummy with Sophia wanting to beat her, so Rose is convinced to go despite her not wanting to date. That night Dorothy lost and vows never to play cards with Sophia again and Blanche is upset because Rose enjoyed herself with Arnie and Blanche had a poor date. However a couple of dates later Arnie invites Rose on a cruise the problem is she hasn't been with a man since Charlie and is too scared but the girls encourage her so she does.

The first night Rose and Arnie dance in their cabin but when he kisses her, she panics and locks herself in the bathroom. Back home the girls talk about Rose and their firsts Blanche was the Priest at George's Funeral but she waited until his wife passed, Dorothy refuses to say and Sophia reveals it was her divorce lawyer which was right. The next day Rose exits the bathroom and Arnie realises that it was her first time since Charlie died and reveals he was the same when his wife died but, he realises that saving himself meant nothing as his wife wouldn't want it and Rose admits she's scared because Charlie died during sex. Arnie lets her make the choice when she was happy to and she asks for a kiss.

Sophia wants to play a game but Dorothy is against it , Sophia then admits she hates cards and likes the talk explaining that all the family reveals juicy stories when Rose returns after so teasing she confesses she did sleep with Arnie, after this Dorothy and Sophia play Runny again chatting happily.

Guest Cast[]


  • Harold Gould portrays Arnie in this episode, and later portrays Miles Webber, who also dates Rose. Arnie was only seen in this episode.
  • Rose would later fear that the Kiss of Death would return after she slept with Al Beaty.
  • Rose would later tell Dorothy how Charlie died when Sophia suffered a suggested heart attack. Blanche would find out after Al Beaty's death.


Rose: I don't know what to do. I haven't been with a man in that special way since Charlie died.
Blanche: Get out of here.

Rose: It's true. Charlie was the only lover I ever had, and my first time was on our wedding night.

Blanche: Get out of here.
Dorothy: Oh, back off, Blanche! Not all of us are classified by the Navy as a friendly port.

Blanche: [after looking at her face in the mirror] My God, Dorothy you're right!... I oughta start meeting men lying down...

Sophia: I thought you did!