"Rose the Prude"
Season # 1, Episode # 3
#3 overall in series
Episode information
Series: The Golden Girls
Air date September 28, 1985
Network/Country: NBC-TV/United States
IMDb [1] Rose the Prude
IMDb (2nd part) [2] Rose the Prude
Production code: 1.3 / 003
Written by: Barry Fanaro, Susan Harris
Directed by: Jim Drake
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Rose the Prude was the third episode of The Golden Girls, also the 3rd overall episode in the series. Directed and written by Barry Fanaro and Jim Drake, it premiered on NBC-TV on September 28, 1985.

Summary Edit

Having not dated since her husband died, Rose reluctantly agrees to go on a double blind date with Blanche. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia have a gin rummy marathon.

Guest CastEdit


  • Harold Gould portrays Arnie in this episode, and later portrays Miles Webber, who also dates Rose.


Rose: I haven't slept with another man since Charlie died.
Blanche: Oh, get outta here!
Dorothy: Shut up, Blanche. Not all of us are classified by the Navy as a friendly port!

Blanche: [after looking at her face in the mirror] My God, Dorothy you're right!... I oughta start meeting men lying down...
Sophia: I thought you did!