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Rose attempts to get her couch potato retiree boyfriend to do something with his life, while the other girls attempt to turn their garage into a guest room.


The Girls have decided to turn their disused Garage into a guest room, however their contractor Ernie is more focused on his suit than the job, so they fire him and Sophia offers to find someone better. Rose and her boyfriend Al are celebrating his retirement from the deli counter with champagne. He claims to be ready for anything.

Meanwhile Rose has a problem Al has become lazy, only watching TV. Sophia brings in Vincenzo an old man in a wheelchair who was a former architect but he can't speak a word of English and has trouble with his sight. He inspects the space and decides he will do it for nothing as he's happy to get out of the senior centre. Rose confronts Al about his lack of focus and he leaves.

The girls try to work on the Garage with Vincenzo's instructions but clear Sophia own rusty Italian is causing problems, Al comes in and reveals that he wants to follow his dream and sail around the world buying a boat and hiring a crew and he wants Rose to come with him. That night still unsure Rose makes Sperhooven Krispies which wakes Dorothy and Blanche due to their terrible smell yet they try them and they taste fine but she's still scare to take the plunge with Al.

The next day Vincenzo gets a team of old men to help him, Rose is still unsure so Sophia tells a story of an architect who during WW2 was offered a chance of fame but afraid to travel turned down the chance and regrets it, Rose decides to go for it and Sophia admits she made it up. Onboard the cruise ship however Al admits to Rose that he's seasick and feels he's a disappointment to Rose who acknowledges that sometimes there's other things they can do and they leave the ship. Vincenzo has finished however he has turned it back into a Garage and Sophia realises she made the mistake and rather than do it again for nothing the girls tell Sophia to thank him.

Guest Stars[]

George Coe as Al

Vito Scotti as Vincenzo

Don Woodard as Ernie


  • Vito Scotti would reappear in Foreign Exchange as Dominic Bosco.
  • Sophia makes a remark about The St Valentine's Day Massacre but retracts it claiming to be "at the cinema all day" however in Valentine's Day she really was there.
  • Dorothy drinks champagne with no problem but in Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself she admits to hating it.
  • When Rose presents the plate of Sperhooven Krispies there is three on the plate but when they start eating them there is nothing on the plate and they are grabbing air.
  • Blanche tells Sophia that a woman is at her sexual peak at age 33. But in the very next episode Mixed Blessings, Blanche claims that a woman in her 40s is at her sexual peak.