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As the girls plan to prepare for a party they reflect on times they tried to improve themselves.


Sophia is eating more than unusual because she lost a pound and feels like she needs to return to her average weight. The others have a Beach Party in two weeks and plan what they should do in order to look better in their beachwear.

When Rose suggests going to a Gym to work out they remember the time they did that before, the Personal Trainer Yvonne convinced Blanche and Dorothy to buy all the gear for the Aerobics Class, which made them look ridiculous and during the Warm Up, Yvonne had a cramp and Rose embarrassed herself by mistaking it for a exercise. In the end they went once more and gave up.

As Sophia makes a Cheesecake for her to gain that pound, Dorothy remarks that they get a new hairdo, Blanche remembers the time they went to a Hair Salon that Sophia suggested. Seeing the older customers they were about to leave when the dresser Eduardo appeared, his good looks and charming ways eases the girls into having their hair done. However they ended up having Sophia's hairstyle.

As they try to think about other ways to lose weight, Rose recommends that they try being mind positive, but Dorothy reminds them of one night they did. Stan came to the door talking about this positive group and clearly it's a cult and Stan was attached due to a pretty lady. After shooing Stan out the four try one of the classes and clearly it was a failure.

As they reflect on their attempts Sophia's Cheesecake is ready and Dorothy remarks on Sophia's need for weight gain, but Blanche reminds her that her height might of shrunk and after comparing her to a craving they did when she first lived and it was right. Then as the girls look at the Cheesecake lovingly Rose reveals that the party was moved a day later so the girls can focus on their appearances tomorrow.