"Pilot" is the title of the first episode of the spin-off series The Golden Palace.

When Dorothy departs, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia decide to invest in a hotel, The Golden Palace Hotel. There's just one problem: the hotel has three employees, two live there, and the hotel is in need of funds. Sophia decides to be in charge of cooking when she runs Chuy, the old cook, out of the restaurant. He was a fan of cooking Mexican food, while she wanted to dominate the kitchen with Italian food. Eventually after realizing he needs a job (and begging Sophia), he returns as cook. Meanwhile, Blanche is busy trying to find a way to pay off the monthly debt with Roland. Eventually, after a group of travel agents come to test the waters, they intake enough money to pay the debt and hire more staff. At the end, everyone gathers in the kitchen, finishing off like a normal episode of The Golden Girls: Eating cheesecake and listening to a St. Olaf story.


  • This is the last time Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are seen in the house (from The Golden Girls).
  • With the departure of Bea Arthur (after the conclusion of The Golden Girls), Betty White is the top-billed star in The Golden Palace.
  • The title of the theme song is "Thank You For Being A Friend (Reggae Remix)".
  • The opening credits for The Golden Palace features clips of each cast member, with a new version of "Thank You For Being A Friend" played in the background. Many of the clips are taken from the first several episodes.
  • This episode first aired on Lifetime on 1 August 2005. It was rerun on 5 September & 6 2005.
  • The German title of this episode is "Hotelgefluester".