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Older and Wiser were the 19th episodes of Season 6 of The Golden Girls, also the 146th episodes overall in the series.


Dorothy has Sophia babysat at Cyprus Grove Retirement Home by telling her, she is the Activities Director. Blanche and Rose end up modelling for a Penny Saver Ad much to their horror when they see the finished ad.


Sophia has just recovered from the flu and Dorothy has arranged for her to be at the Cyprus Grove Retirement Home as the Activities Director, however Dorothy reveals to Blanche and Rose that she's there to rest. When Sophia does arrive she is welcomed by Mr. Porter and introduced to the residents. However Sophia feels sorry for them for just watching TV. However soon after Mr. Porter alerts Dorothy to the home after Sophia took the residents out, she just arrives saying that she treated them to a nice coffee and "did" what was asked of her, however Mr. Porter is tired of the lie and reveals the truth to Sophia and that he can't look after her, Sophia is furious at Dorothy treating her like this.

The next day Sophia refuses to forgive Dorothy who claims Sophia lied as a parent but her excuses are weak compared to what she did. However that night Sophia returns to Cyprus Grove and has a party with the residents, however it's stopped by Mr. Porter and Dorothy who had discovered her missing. Just as it stops the "mute" Mr. Lewis speaks, revealing he was silent because nobody took the time to listen, Sophia argues that he needs to do more listening to his residents as they are still human, which he agrees and Dorothy realises Sophia is not a weak old woman and apologises for her behaviour which Sophia accepts.


Blanche is invited to model for a penny saver advert, however when Rose comes with her, she is chosen to be Blanche's hands annoying Blanche. However both are horrified when they finally received the Ad's advance copy, they have been aired to look terrible advertising an anti ageing cream. Blanche can't let the penny saver been seen, she tells Rose that she has connections with two of the truck drivers and they won't let it be seen. However Blanche plans to flirt with the remaining drivers failed with Rose so she ended up going from street to street taking the flyers and even got Rose to help by letting herself be chased by dogs.

Guest List[]

  • Don Lake as Mr. Porter
  • Julius Harris as Mr. Lewis
  • Carol Bruce as Lucille
  • Bill Wiley as Smokey
  • Ellen Albertini Dow as Sarah