Old Friends was the premiere episode of Season 3 of The Golden Girls, also the 52nd overall episode of the series. Directed by Jay Sandrich and written by Susan Harris, it premiered on NBC-TV, originally airing on September 19, 1987.


Sophia has a new friend but as the friendship deepens,the old fellow's behavior becomes erratic and she learns he has Alzheimer's Disease.Meanwhile,Blanche accidentally gives away Rose's teddy bear and the girl who has it holds it hostage.


Sophia goes down to the boardwalk and meets a new friend Alvin,who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease.At home,Blanche accidentally gives away Rose's cherished teddy bear to a Sunshine Cadet (Girl Scout-type).When Blanche tries to get the bear back for Rose,the freckled little girl holds the teddy for ransom.

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Note:This episode won two Emmys:Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Estelle Getty) and Outstanding Technical Direction/Camera/Video for a Series. While this episode dealt with Alzheimer's disease and displayed Alvin suffering from memory loss,Estelle Getty was later in life stricken with dementia and suffered similar symptoms such as memory loss.