The episode begins when Blanche receives flowers from a secret admirer, Dorothy feels left out turns out, it came from Sonny Bono however actually for her with a card. she accepts his dinner invitation later the girls join her at the restaurant, there Blanche is shocked when her late husband George walks in the room whom died 9 years earlier in a car accident. it is unclear whether he died upon impact or after being in a coma but happened in 1981,) he tells blanche staged his own death after discovering his business partner was embezzling and he faced bankruptcy it is uknown whether this is true. later Dorothy has to decide to go out with either Sonny or Lyles which is complicated when the Police show up arresting lyles, she decides on sonny and they go out together pleasing Sophia. meanwhile Blanche and George have a touching moment and share a kiss, it's revealed a dream Dorothy overhearing her talking in her sleep consoles her saying it was his way of telling her he loves and misses her and that he's alright then leaves to let her go back to bed. Blanche then applies to him in spirit she loved him too turning over going back to sleep.[edit | edit source]

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