Dorothy, Rose and Blanche at Mr. Ha Ha's Hot Dog Hacienda

Mr. Ha Ha's Hog Dog Hacienda was where Rose Nylund took Dorothy Zbornak for her birthday in 1987. The establishment is operated by Mr. Ha Ha, who is a clown. On the day of the girls' visit, there are several other birthdays being celebrated (the others are for children) and Mr. Ha Ha includes the audience in the onstage activities.


The scene is done as a flashback about the girls reflecting on birthdays past.

Rose took Dorothy and Blanche to the place after seeing it on TV and listening to Dorothy complain about her birthdays being dull (Sophia was still at Shady Pines). It's clear that Dorothy doesn't enjoy the place or Rose's reason for it, Rose gets upset, Dorothy and Blanche pretend to enjoy it for Rose. However Rose told the management that it was Dorothy's birthday. When Dorothy hears her name called, she attacks Rose, Mr. Ha Ha gets her on-stage, Dorothy is forced also to walk around in a hat and is mocked by Mr. Ha Ha as a cranky old woman. She goes to pie him with her small Birthday Sundae but he warns her that he could sue and that it's an immature thing to do, however Bobby Spina, a boy whose birthday was the same day, pies Mr. Ha Ha and said Happy Birthday to Dorothy who is clearly touched by this boy's action.

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