Mother Zbornak was a fictional character featured on The Golden Girls. She was portrayed by Alice Ghostley.

About Mother Zbornak Edit

Mother Zbornak was Stanley "Stan" Zbornak's "proud" mother. She always disliked Dorothy, insulting her at every waking moment.

Every Sunday Stan and Dorothy would have Dinner at her house, which clearly Dorothy dreaded (she compared it to the stress she suffered when Stan had Gallbladder Surgery), when Dorothy and the girls were suffering from nightmares after renting Psycho, she remarked on how she declined to see it with Stan instead on an Sunday, she remarks that Mother Zbornak was less scary than Norman Bates and that Bates dressed better as well.

She was first and last seen in a flashback in the episode Mother's Day when Stan and Dorothy had some financial problems and went to her to borrow money. At first, she seems like a woman who spoils her son, who hangs pictures of him on the wall and making him a cup of tea (she gave Dorothy a cup of hot water, a dipped the tea bag once in her cup, quickly).

Suddenly, right after Stan leaves the trailer, she calls him a yutz and says that the whole world makes fun of him, and that's why she's making him out more than he is. She then said she didn't want to give Stan the money, but wants to give it to Dorothy instead, under one condition; don't ever tell Stanley the money came from her. She said that he has a tendency to be weak if he knew she was a soft touch, he'd never amount to anything. She then gave Dorothy 1000 dollars (which she pulled out from her little money deposit on her leg), even though she asked for 500 dollars.

After that, she said that she's glad Stanley's married to her, much to her surprise; she loves him but she's also tough on him, and he needs that, to which Dorothy responded; "Then why are you so mean to me!?" "Because if Stanley knew I liked you he'd hang around here all the time. He's a yutz. Who needs him around here?".

It is mentioned that she likes to drink grain alcohol from a measuring cup. Sophia Petrillo said that she thought the woman ate mice.

It is also mentioned in One for the Money that Kate and Michael are scared of her, and the last time they visited her, Michael couldn't sleep for a week.

In Mother Load, Stan mentions that his mother never loved him.