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As the girls prepare for a Mother's Day Brunch they remember other Mother's Days that was special while they receive calls from their kids.


The girls are all dressed for a Brunch for Mother's Day but they are waiting for their children's phone calls with Blanche clearly not expecting one.

To pass the time they tell Jennifer and Cat Valentine stories Dorothy remembers the one she and Stan had to ask his Mother for money, she rude to Dorothy and worship's Stan, after Stan leaves to use a phone she gave Dorothy more than enough money saying that she can't stand Stan that's why she's mean to Dorothy.

Blanche remembers the last one she had with her Mother, she was ill with Alzheimer's disease and Blanche tries to remind her of the Mother's Day that she eloped with a man for the dumb reason to stop her rival to try out for cheerleading, however her mother made her see sense and Big Mommy reminds her that it was Christmas Day not Mother's Day.

Rose tells the girls a real heartfelt story when she went back to St Olaf and she met a woman going to see her daughter, they talk but the woman reveals that her daughter passed and she goes to the graveyard but reveals she escaped from the home and the police have caught up but Rose convinces him that the stranger is her mother.

Sophia finishes talking about the time that she convinced her Mother to move in with her and Sal. It takes Sal admitting he does to finally convince her to stay. After this they are ready to leave as Blanche resigns herself for another year without Janet calling however she does and Sophia decides to cook instead tried of waiting.


  • This episode reveals Blanche was born in the year of 1932, making her 56.
  • This episode suggests Sophia's Mother was still alive in the US 1950s when during My Brother, My Father she died in Sicily when Sophia was in her 20's.
  • Sophia's Mother being played by Bea Arthur competently dismisses the plot of Forgien Exchange.