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The Girls in the Shelter at morning with the ticket

The Mission Street Shelter is a Homeless Shelter that appears in Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket.

During the climatic moment in the episode the girls spent the night there looking for a jacket that contains a winning lottery ticket. But they end up understanding more about being less selfish.


The Shelter is rough looking with Brick walls only windows and the odd picture covers the walls, there is only 2 rooms seen, the lobby and the main room.

Role in Episode []

The Shelter is where the jacket that contains a winning lottery ticket that the girls had been trying to get ends up after being donated by an Senator, as a sign to his critics that he does something charitable. They arrive and straightaway realize the place isn't the best. However they get in despite the lack of room. While they pretend to be preparing for bed, Rose and Blanche befriend the person next to them and Sophia sees an old friend from Shady Pines. As they chat to their friends they find out why they are in the shelter and feel sorry for them. Once they see everyone is asleep Dorothy, Rose and Blanche search for the ticket, they see the many poor people some of which are children and clearly effected from this once they find the ticket in the morning they decide to give it to the priest to use on improving the place.  

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