Max Weinstock was the widower of Sophia Petrillo's friend, Esther Weinstock. After Esther's death, he was married to Sophia Petrillo for a short time.

1988[edit | edit source]

The death of a close friend, Esther Weinstock, brings Sophia face to face with Esther's husband Max, whom she vowed never to speak to again due to things that happened in the past. However, when Dorothy prompts them to make up they get a little too close and wind up in bed together. Soon after, they announce their engagement, something that Dorothy is totally against. Sophia and Max come back from their honeymoon with no place to stay so Blanche, Dorothy and Rose put them up until they can find a place. Meanwhile, Sophia and Max decide to restart the old business Max had with Sophia's late husband, a pizza knish stand. One night the pizza knish stand burns down, and Max and Sophia decide not to rebuild; they also decide to separate, knowing they married for the wrong reasons.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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