Lucille "Lucy" Warren is Blanche's niece and Virginia Warren's daughter. She appears in the Season 1 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Nice and Easy". The part of Lucy is played in the episode by Hallie Todd.

About Lucy Edit

In the episode "Nice and Easy", Lucy comes to Miami for a short visit. The girls quickly realize just how much Lucy and her Aunt Blanche actually have in common. On the flight to Miami, Lucy meets a doctor and during her first night in town, she opts to go on a date with him instead of spending time with family. The rest of her visit is a whirlwind of partying and dates, and eventually Blanche has had enough. When she questions Lucy's behavior, she reminds her Aunt Blanche how ugly she use to be; with frizzy hair and braces. Now feeling more beautiful, she enjoys the attention men give her. Blanche however tells Lucy, that men are not the ones who make you feel worthy, but that feeling special should come from within. Lucy finally understands, and decides to spend the rest of her vacation in the company of Blanche and the other girls.

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