Blanche has a Pacemaker and scared of it's side effects decides to give up making love.

Synopsis Edit

Blanche returns from the Doctors with him wanting her to see another due to something wrong with her heartbeat, clearly scared Blanche, despite the confidence of the girls she is told she will need a Pacemaker.

After the surgery Blanche recovers well, but she feels different and acts strangely because she "had a out of body experience" she goes on a date with Simon but she declines to finish the date in the normal way, she tells the girls she is giving up sex and makes crafts out of popsicle sticks but in the end she goes out with Simon to tell him the truth.

However that night she explains to Simon that she is scared she'll have a reaction to having sex but Simon at least is willing for defeat asks for a kiss and seeing there is nothing bad happen she and Simon make love with the girls leaving her to it.

Guest Stars Edit

Robert Culp as Simon

Peter Michael Goetz as Dr. Strien

DVD Changes Edit

This can be classed as Trivia but it deserves to be known. When the Episode was released on DVD a small scene was cut from the begin of the second part.

When Sophia returns from checking on Blanche and telling Dorothy and Rose that she took the money from Blanche's night stand:

in the DVD version, Blanche comes in and demands her money back and she tells the girls about her reawakening before leaving.

However in it's original TV version before Blanche enters Sophia goes to the cupboard and finds her instant Popcorn missing it turns out Dorothy and Rose have removed it and are selling the Microwave due to it risk of killing Blanche. Then she enters and the scene returns to DVD version but when she leaves Sophia had a deleted scene she makes a joke of them giving up an favourite microwave treat just for Blanche.

The Removal of the scene does cause one error in the DVD version when Blanche has quit sex she said about life having no meaning Sophia remarks "So who's for Popcorn?" which gets a huge laugh from the live audience.

The deletion however is not without reason as microwaves are no longer classed as threat to people with Pacemakers.