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Letter to Gorbachev was the sixth episode of Season 3 of The Golden Girls, also the 57th overall episode of the series.

When Rose learns that the young girls on her cadet troop are worried about nuclear war, she takes it upon herself to write to President Reagan and Premier Gorbachev expressing her concerns. Mikhail Gorbachev's U.S. representatives report that their leader was touched by Rose's letter pleading for nuclear disarmament and that he is eager to meet Rose — who, they all assume, must be a little girl, given her letter's naivete. As Blanche and Dorothy ponder how to break the news to Rose, Sophia tries to devise the perfect act for a talent show.


Sophia tries to devise the perfect act to perform in the talent show. Trying to perform a magic trick, Sophia ends up destroying Dorothy's watch. Rose enters with a nervous expression, worried about the nuclear war.

Rose shows a drawing of an 8-year-old sunshine cadet to her roommates, captioning it "nuclear bomb, the day after." Rose is concerned about the sketches produced by the sunshine cadets.

Following Rose's discussion of the battle, Sophia enters with her latest ventriloquist act, "sophia and sophia." Her lips were seen moving, and she failed to please anyone. She then goes on to find a new act.

Rose decides to send a letter to President Reagan and President Gorbachev about ending the nuclear war in an attempt to lighten the cadets' moods about the war.

Because of the storm, Rose and her sunshine cadets camped with Dorothy and Blanche in the living room. Rose attempts to relate a ghost tale about the headless indian, but is interrupted by one of the cadets. Rose and her cadets went outside to buy pizza shortly after.

The doorbell rang, and Alexi Bovanov, a Russian Embassy official, came in to look for Rose Nylund. He was carrying a letter for Rose. The president of Russia was touched by Rose's note, so they wish to invite Rose and her family to Moscow to discuss nuclear disarmament and world peace.

Rose falls asleep on the sofa, witnessing a dream in which she and her roommates go to Russia and each give a speech. Her roommates woke her up because she was babbling while sleeping.

Sophia attempts once again to charm the audience with another of her acts, but still fails to impress anyone.

A press conference was held for Rose. Because of the letter's naivete, the embassy suspects it was written by a young girl. Dorothy and Blanche finds a way on how to break the news to Rose.

Rose later admits she was the one who wrote it. The press conference then ended in shock.


Dorothy: Hi, Ma.
Sophia: Give me your watch.
Dorothy: Sure. What do you want it for?
Sophia: I'm working on a magic act for the talent show at the center. [puts the watch in a bag] Abracadabra, one, two, three. [hits it with a hammer]
Dorothy: Ma!
Sophia: Relax. Dorothy, was your card the ace of spades?
Dorothy: Ma, what the hell are you talking about?
Sophia: I think I got chapter seven and nine mixed up. This watch is broken.
Dorothy: Ma, Stan gave me that watch when we got married!
Sophia: Well, the marriage never worked, why should the watch?