Kate Zbornak-Griffiths* is the daughter of Stan and Dorothy Zbornak on The Golden Girls. Kate makes two appearances on the series; first, in the Season 1 episode "Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding", then in the season 2 episode - "Son-in-Law Dearest". In Kate's first appearance, she is played by Lisa Jane Persky, in the second by Deena Freeman.*Kate's married name wasn't mentioned on the show.

About KateEdit

In her first appearance in "Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?", Kate appears to be in her 20s or early 30s, since her true age has never been revealed. Kate marries a podiatrist named Dennis at the house of her mother, though later they have marital problems, in the episode Son-in-Law Dearest, Dennis was revealed to be unfaithful, although Kate forgave him in the same episode. It is mentioned that Kate and Dennis were trying to conceive a child, this is implied to have become a strain in their marriage. It is mentioned that in her youth Kate was a fan of Paul McCartney.

Her only known sibling is named Michael Zbornak, who is a musician.

Trivia Edit

  • In "Joust Between Friends" Dorothy mentions that Kate named the family dog Wawa at age two.
  • Kate was a fan of Paul McCartney in her youth and had an overbite.
  • Kate is mentioned by Dorothy as being an interior decorator.
  • Dorothy once described having to climb up many flights of stairs to reach her apartment in New York.
  • Kate may have had a child after making up with her husband, as Dorothy mentions buying a Batman toy for her grandson 'Bobby'. However, this could also be Michael's son with Lorraine.
  • Kate might of had a child by the end of the series as during The Monkey Show Stan and Dorothy at the end say that they have grandchildren.

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