Joust Between Friends was the 9th episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls, also the 34th overall episode. Directed by Terry Hughes, and written by Scott Spencer Gordon, it premiered on NBC-TV on December 6, 1986.


Blanche becomes jealous and angry when Dorothy appears to outshine her while temporarily working at the museum.


Laid off from her job as a substitute teacher,Dorothy searches for part-time work which leads to Blanche getting her a job at the museum.Then fur flies when Dorothy is handed the job of organizing a banquet,the duty Blanche was hoping to get as tensions arise between the two of them.Meanwhile,Rose finds a stray dog at the supermarket.

Scene execerptsEdit

  • Dorothy: In the past few days I have been turned down for every available part time job in Dade county that didn't involve selling cocaine.

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