Rose finds an old photograph of her late husband, Charlie Nylund, in Blanche's bed, and then demands some answers. Meanwhile, Sophia resists getting a hearing aid.

Plot Edit

While sorting out things to sell Rose discovers Charlie's old camera with the film still undeveloped so she has them processed. Meanwhile Dorothy believes that Sophia has hearing loss after she does all the things that a pamphlet said is signs.

Rose gets the photos, but one shows Charlie in bed with Blanche, when she is confronted with this Blanche is shocked and decides to prove that she didn't cheat. Blanche looks at her Sex Diary which have her initials B.E.D, she looks around the time Charlie would of been in the area and finds Chuck an Salesman which could be Charlie.

The next day Dorothy and Sophia return from the hearing test, Sophia is fine, but Dorothy is slightly deaf, which Dorothy is upset by, meanwhile Blanche can't get Rose to talk to her, the problem is she can't remember sleeping with Charlie and so Dorothy lets Blanche take Sophia to an concert to take her mind off it.

Rose tries to deal with the truth, but decides to let it pass, however as she is about tear the photos up Dorothy sees the other photos and she realises that the pictures were double-exposures and Rose forgives Blanche. After being convinced by Sophia, Dorothy gets the hearing air and vows to stop comparing Sophia to every pamphlet.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the few episodes that doesn't have any other cast members apart from the four leads.
  • Blanche's full name is said as Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux, but her Mammy call's her Blanche Marie, which might of been a second middle name she used as a young girl.
  • Dorothy attempting to help Sophia's well-being only to backfire is also seen in Older and Wiser and Two Rode Together.
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