Blanche! This is your Grammy! Y'all getcha self outta here you dumb peckerwood!
Dorothy pretending to be Blanche's Grammy.

Marie "Grammy" Hollingsworth (nee Daboval) was the wife of William "Grandpappy" Hollingsworth, mother of Curtis "Big Daddy" Hollingsworth and Lucas Hollingsworth, paternal grandmother of Blanche Elizabeth Marie Devereaux, Virginia Lena Warren, Charmaine Gertrude Hollingsworth, Clayton "Clay" Louis Hollingsworth and Theodore "Tad" Hunter Hollingsworth, great-grandmother to Janet Devereaux, Rebecca Susan Devereaux, Biff Devereaux, Douglas "Doug" Devereaux and Matthew "Skippy" Devereaux.

About Grammy Edit

Early life Edit

Grammy Hollingsworth (1878-1969) was born in Augusta Georgia in a fine family Her parents raised her as a lady and she never really could enjoy her childhood. When she was 16 she married to 18 year old William "Grandpappy" Hollingsworth (1876-1958) their marriage produced two known children, Curtis "Big Daddy" Hollingsworth who was born 1895 and Lucas Hollingsworth in 1926. They called Lucas they "miracle baby" because when he was born Grammy was 48. The family plantation that they lived in was called Grandview.

Later life Edit

She was a confidante of her granddaughter Blanche Elizabeth Marie Devereaux, who would come visit and talk to her when her parents were having an argument at home. At Christmas, she would fetch the butler to make some eggnogs for her and her granddaughter to enjoy by the fireside, while Grandpappy was drinking his ale and made the lawn jockey did a little dance.

She died at 91, due to natural causes and it was quite a blow to Blanche and her family. The plantation was then sold and was converted into a bed & breakfast. The wind chimes, which Grammy adored and installed in every room, was kept undisturbed.

Room 7 Edit

The plantation, Grandview, that Blanche described as one of the most important places in her history, where oliver nelson consistently felt loved as a child was going to be torn down to be replaced with a motel. Upon hearing the news, Blanche and the girls drove all night to the plantation. Blanche then handcuffs herself to the radiator in Room 7, her old bedroom, while the crew was ready to demolish the building. It was only until Grammy visited Blanche in the form of her old wind chimes does she felt like she could let go and move on.

At the end of the episode, the aforementioned wind chime was taken home by Blanche and was displayed on her bedroom window, so she could say goodnight to her Grammy every night. The wind chime turned to be quite a nuisance, with Blanche saying that "Some of us are still alive and need our beauty sleep.". Blanche then yells her 'Grammy' to be quiet, and the wind chime was quite for a few seconds until it chimed again, to which Blanche takes as her Grammy telling her that she's a 'peckerwood'.

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