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Gloria Harker (née Petrillo) was the daughter of Sophia Petrillo and Salvadore "Sal" Petrillo. She was the younger sister to Dorothy. Gloria lives in California, and married a wealthy man by the name of Harker. Although later, Gloria loses all of her money in a bad investment.

A redhead, Gloria comes to visit in the episode "The Custody Battle", where Gloria wants Sophia to come and live with her in California. Dorothy believes that Gloria is Sophia's favorite child, as Sophia constantly brags about how well Gloria has done for herself. When Dorothy and Gloria discuss this, Gloria reveals that Dorothy is the favored child, because Dorothy was always so responsible when they were children.

Gloria returns in season seven, this time a blonde and with a hairstyle similar to Dorothy (and played by a different actress), having lost all of her money, becomes involved in with her ex-brother-in-law, Stan. Gloria was portrayed by Doris Belack in the season one episode "The Custody Battle" and later by Dena Dietrich, in the season seven episodes "The Monkey Show, Part 1" and "The Monkey Show, Part 2".