George Devereaux was the son of Mother Devereaux, brother of Jamie Devereaux, husband of Blanche Devereaux, father of Janet, Rebecca, Biff, Matthew, Skippy, and Doug Devereaux and illegitimate father of David Patton.


George Devereaux was probably born in Mayflower County, Georgia, just outside Atlanta. For schooling, George went to law school and became a lawyer. Sometime before the Korean War began, George started dating twentysomething Blanche Hollingsworth, and their relationship got serious before he joined the army and was sent to Korea. When he came back to America, George and Blanche got married after a Valentine's Day proposal. Their first child was Rebecca Sue, followed by Janet, Biff, Matthew, Skippy, and Doug. In the late 1950s or early 1960's, the family moved to 6151 Richmond Street in Miami, Florida. They lived there as a happily married couple for several years. However, he did have an affair with a lady in Texas in February 1967, which resulted in an illegitimate son named David Patton; George apparently felt bad about the affair and bought Blanche a gift to make up for what he had done, though he did not reveal the affair to Blanche, and she did not find out until 23 years later. It's unknown when he died, but it was apparently sometime during the early 1980s. He died as a result of a car crash and he either died after several weeks in a coma or on impact (the details vary over the course of the show). A 1990 episode of the show refers to George's death as having occurred "nine years ago", which would make the year 1981. His mother died eight years later, in 1989 of an unspecified illness. In Blanche's dream, George claimed his business partner was stealing from their company and tried to frame George; Ultimately, it's unknown if this was true or just part of the dream.