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"Fiddler On The Ropes" is the 18th episode of the j their financial welfare in the future, so they go in on a CD together. As Dorothy says, "It's the simplest form of investment -- an idiot couldn't screw it up. Sophia takes the ladies' combined three thousand dollars and buys a boxer at a bus stop. They are now the dubious managers of Kid Pepe, a Cuban prizefighter. Pepe has a fight scheduled the next week and the ten thousand dollar purse is guaranteed. Though the girls are furious with Sophia, winning that purse will get them back their money back and more. So they decide to keep Pepe for the week. The twist comes when they discover Pepe's secret -- he's really a violinist with an upcoming audition for the Julliard School of Music. The ladies are faced with a dilemma: do they make Pepe fight and regain their hard-earned savings or do they tell Pepe not to fight, thereby saving his hands from possible injury? They finally convince Pepe to take a dive in the ring. The blow to the head he receives causes temporary amnesia. At the Julliard audition the next day, he asks, "Before I start, I just have one question. Do I play the violin?" But prompted by the ladies, he launches into a unique and rousing recital of a Shakespearean monologue and is accepted for Julliard's acting school instead.

Guest Cast[]

  • Chick Vennera as Pepe
  • Alfred Dennis as Charley
  • Pamela Kosh as Woman
  • Victor Contreras as Gonzales