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Blanche fails to correct a man, who thinks that Blanche's granddaughter is her own child. Meanwhile Sophia plans a special night only for Dorothy to refuse to join in.


Sophia tells Dorothy that it's time for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins and she is going to teach Dorothy the Special Sauce recipe which Dorothy refuses to do as she is too busy teaching an honours class, so Sophia gets Rose to make it with her.

Just as Blanche goes off to an audition when Rebecca asks her to babysit Aurora as she has a job interview. Blanche takes Aurora to the audition, but doesn't get the part. However a man called Jason asks Blanche out on a date but he misidentifies Blanche to be the mother of Aurora and Blanche declines to correct him.

When Dorothy returns home she found the Honours rude and unfocused on what she said, Sophia tells Dorothy that she is better than them especially that she has a 176 IQ and so Dorothy gets confidence to teach better. As Blanche enjoys the date with Jason the girls warn her that the guilt will appear soon enough. When Becky tells Blanche how happy she is that Blanche is finally building a relationship with her granddaughter. Blanche in guilt tells Jason the truth, and he feels angry as she didn't correct her, and dumps her. Becky is angry as well that Blanche used Aurora to "land a man" and she tells Blanche that she doesn't need to worry about babysitting anymore.

That night is the night of the festival, Rose and Sophia have finished the meal, but Blanche is upset as Becky refuses to speak and is coming over only to take Aurora's toys. When she comes Blanche still fails to convince her, as Dorothy reveals that she is going to miss the festival to be with friends of the same IQ, Sophia reveals she made up the IQ to give her confidence to teach her students, Dorothy is angry, but Sophia reminds her that all through life's lies, that's parenthood, the festival was about the Petrillo women being together and Sophia convinces Becky not to disown Blanche as a grandparent is a special thing. So the night has Becky and Blanche making up, Rose revealing she put Frosties in the dish and Dorothy promising to do the festival next year.

Guest Stars[]

Alan Rachins as Jason Stillman

Debra Engle as Rebecca


  • Sophia telling a lie about Dorothy's IQ could be payback for Dorothy's lie in Older and Wiser two episodes before.
  • When Sophia adds several pinches to the sauce, the same joke was used in A Piece of Cake.
  • Dorothy's arrogance with knowledge would reappear in the episode Questions and Answers when she tried out for Jeopardy.