End of the Curse was the premiere episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls TV series, also the 26th overall series episode. Directed by Terry Hughes and written by Susan Harris, it originally aired on NBC-TV on September 27, 1986.


Blanche lands a bombshell on the girls revealing to them she is pregnant after taking a home pregnancy test.After this shock, she visits her local doctor who tells her she is not pregnant but entering menopause.Blanche,unlike the other girls,is not thrilled at all of her new change in life.

Plot Edit

Dorothy,Rose and Sophia plan to breed Minks for fur,but Blanche is bed depressed for an unknown reason,when she appears she is clearly upset,she tells the girls the truth,she's pregnant and she is unsure if she could have the baby or who the father is.The following days the minks are uninterested in mating,which means that the girls will end up broke Blanche returns and while the girls convince they will help her with the baby,she reveals the doctor tells her that it's menopause and she is depressed.At a psychiatrist's office the girls bring Blanche to deal with her depression,she reveals that she is scared that it's the end of her sexual attractiveness and that she fears she will become her Mother which is her worst nightmare.The next day Blanche is still depressed and the girls try to cheer her up by talking about their own period stories and why menopause means nothing in the end.Blanche is still depressed but when the Vet appears,Blanche starts to perk up,the vet tells the girls that the minks are too old for breeding and unlike humans they lose they sexual appeal which cheers Blanche up and she chats him up.After Blanche's date she tells the girls that she's over the depression and she glad they were there was well as they let her know that menopause wasn't the end she believed it to be.However the mink are still there and while Dorothy called the animal center but Rose doesn't she said that while the minks aren't useful any more it doesn't mean they shouldn't be send away,Blanche declares they can stay.Just then they begin mating but Dorothy tells them that the 2 mating are the males.

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Rose: (after watching Blanche run into her bedroom) "She's in there!"
Dorothy: "Really, Colombo?!"


Rue McClanahan won an Emmy Award for her performance in this episode.

Blanches fear of growing older or like her Mother is because her Mother died of Alzheimer's Disease, shown in the episode Mother's Day.