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This page lists the episodes aired in Season Four of the NBC-TV series Empty Nest. The the Season 4 premiere, titled "50 Million Men and a Baby", first aired on September 21, 1991, with the season's finale episode, "Roots" airing on May 2, 1992, with a total of 24 episodes aired during the season.

Season 4: 1991–1992[]

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
71 1 "50 Million Men & a Baby" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay September 21, 1991
Laverne's teenage cousin Wanda Sue comes to ask for advice, because her husband has run away; and when Laverne's back is turned, Wanda Sue goes looking for him - leaving 4-month-old Madonna behind. After she and Carol baby-sit, Barbara announces her intention of having a baby by artificial insemination.

Special Guest Stars: Derek McGrath as Dr. Yardley, Ami Foster as Wanda Sue, Denice Kumagai as Woman, Carol Rosenthal as Receptionist

72 2 "Almost Like Being in Love" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Lawrence J. Cohen, & Fred Freeman September 28, 1991
Harry's lust for his girlfriend sparks marital thoughts.

Special Guest Stars: Angie Dickinson as Jackie, Dabbs Greer as Man

73 3 "Her Cheatin' Heart" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty October 5, 1991
Annoyed that Nick is going to Fort Lauderdale to play a charity game rather than taking her to the medical ball, Laverne agrees to go with Harry, and meets another man. Meanwhile, when Carol confesses that she stole Barbara's first boyfriend at camp years ago, Barbara vows to exact revenge when Carol least expects it.

Special Guest Stars: Jesse Dabson as Tom, Robin Thomas as Will Comstock, John Towey as Sam Eckert, Gibby Brand as Table Guest, Frank Como as Ballplayer

74 4 "Food for Thought" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Regina Stewart October 12, 1991
Harry tries to mind his own business and stay out of Carol's after she decides to quit her job at the library in favor of starting her own catering business.

Special Guest Stars: Eddie Velez as Jose Martinez, Don Lake as John Edgar Moss, Diane Racine as Woman, Glenn Shadix as Bud Larkin, Michael Malota as Timmy

75 5 "Harry's Got a Gun" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & David Richardson October 19, 1991
Charley's musings about the meaning of his life take a dramatic turn when, after the Westons are burglarized, Carol buys a gun - and almost shoots Charley.

Special Guest Stars: Jon Polito as Slocum, Roger Hewlett as Cop

76 6 "The Dreyfus Affair" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Ron LaZebnik October 26, 1991
Harry hires a renowned veterinarian to operate on Dreyfuss.

Special Guest Stars: Jeffrey Tambor as Dr. Binder, Jack Brannon as Dr. Bolton

77 7 "Country Weston" Steve Zuckerman Pat Dougherty & Lisa Sanderson November 2, 1991
Garth Brooks hires Barbara as tour security chief. Country music star Garth Brooks guest stars.

Special Guest Stars: John Loge as Doug, Christine Cavanaugh as Kimberley, Rex Ryon as Rocky, Garth Brooks as Himself

78 8 "Windy" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogen November 9, 1991
Harry decides to sell the house, but then a hurricane hits.

Special Guest Stars: Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo, Anne Guilbert as Mama Todd, Nancy Mette as Robin MacKenzie, Leland Orser as Don MacKenzie, Laura Waterbury as Verna, Bryan Norcross as Himself

79 9 "Talk, Talk, Talk" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & David Richardson November 16, 1991
Harry becomes a hero as the host of a phone-in radio medical show.

Special Guest Stars: Nana Visitor as Margie, Debra Jo Rupp as Claire, Dee Dee Rescher as Dana, Edd Byrnes as MC, Kellye Worbel as Dolores, Nancy Marks as Renee, Robin Faye Bookland as Jenny, Victor Vitartas as Ed, Marsha Clark as Noah

80 10 "Lonely Are the Brave" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Roger Garrett November 23, 1991
After accidentally saving a man's life, Barbara is awarded a police medal.

Special Guest Stars: Gregory Itzin as Bill Wallace, Tom La Grua as Rick (Barbara's partner), Erika Flores as Luella, Mary Joan Negro as Dr. Walker, Jenny O'Hara as Mrs. Kravitz, Lou Cutell as Dr. Wilkind, David Doty as Man

81 11 "If You Knew Andy Like I Know..." Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Lyla Oliver December 7, 1991
Harry has a handsome new intern, the son of a friend, who seems an ideal addition to the practice and an ideal new boyfriend for Carol. Then Harry and Laverne become increasingly uneasy about Andrew's scornful attitude towards his patients and the practice of medicine; and Carol, worried about being overly critical of the men she dates, must face up to the fact that Andrew is an egocentric boob. Meanwhile, Charley scoffs at Carol and Barbara's suggestion that his exotic "hot date" during a Caribbean tour was really a marriage ceremony - until he receives a voodoo likeness of himself in the mail.

Special Guest Stars: Beau Gravitte as Andrew Elliot, Robert Hy Gorman as Daniel, Mindy Ann Martin as Diana

82 12 "My Nurse Is Back and There's Gonna Be Trouble..." Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris and Harold Kimmel December 14, 1991
Trouble is brewing when Laverne prepares to go on holiday and Harry hires as a temporary replacement his retired former nurse Winifred, who makes it clear to Laverne she wants the job back permanently. Meanwhile, Barbara is in despair at having to fly to New York with phobic Carol, who drives the entire planeload of passengers crazy - until there's a genuine emergency.

Special Guest Stars: Barbara Billingsley as Winifred McConnell, Tony Longo as Male Passenger, Maureen Arthur as Nun, Biff Yeager as Businessman, Barbara Alyn Woods as Stewardess, Patricia Everly as Mrs. Wasserman

83 13 "The Son of a Preacherman" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Ron LaZebnik January 4, 1992
As a favor to a minister friend, Harry takes in his brilliant young son as an observer, but becomes distressed when the boy confesses it's only his father's pressure that makes him want to be a doctor. Carol is excited about catering her friend Suzanne's posh Palm Beach wedding, until the groom gets excited - by Carol.

Special Guest Stars: John McMartin as Reverend Chambers, Matthew Brooks as Alex, D. David Morin as Greg, Andrea Walters as Suzanne, Clarke Gordon as Judge

84 14 "Ex-Appeal" Steve Zuckerman Sandy Krinski & Ed Scharlach January 11, 1992
Carol starts dating Barbara's ex-boyfriend, but Barbara realizes she still has feelings for him.

Special Guest Stars: Kevin Kilner as [Jerry Duvall]

85 15 "The Great Escape" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogan January 18, 1992
While Harry and Laverne are away en route to a doctor-nurse weekend seminar - and forced to spend the night in a single motel room - an escaped convict whom Barbara helped to jail takes Barbara and Carol hostage.

Special Guest Stars: Richard Libertini as Lou Zinni, Jeff Doucette as Desk Clerk

86 16 "The Mismatchmaker" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Roger Garrett February 1, 1992
Harry tries to reconcile a friend and his wife; Barbara is reluctant to hire Carol as caterer of a police retirement party.

Special Guest Stars: Jerry Orbach as Arthur, Renee Taylor as Anne, Patty McCormack as Fran, Valorie Armstrong as Louise, Phil Leeds as Bunky

87 17 "The Return of Aunt Susan" Steve Zuckerman Dinah Manoff  (story) & David Richardson (story/teleplay)   February 8, 1992
Carol likes a jet-setting philanthropist aunt's lifestyle.

Special Guest Stars: Lee Grant as Aunt Susan, Reva Rose as Nurse Matthews, Garret Pearson as Roberto

88 18 "The Unimportance of Being Charley" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler February 15, 1992
Charley poses as a navigator to impress his judgmental parents.

Special Guest Stars: Gregg Daniels as Simms, Richard Reicheg as The Captain

89 19 "Sayonara" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Ron LeZebnik February 22, 1992
A Japanese baseball team woos Laverne's husband Nick.

Special Guest Stars: Omar Gooding as Jason, Michelle Abrams as Kelly, Charlotte Ross as Antoinette

90 20 "Dr, Weston & Mr. Hyde" Doug Smart Susan Harris & Peter Gallay February 29, 1992
The full moon on Leap Day causes strange things to happen: after throwing his back out, Harry begins to act very unusual; a series of odd occurrences leads Barbara to believe that a neighborhood repairman is actually Dreyfuss; Charley cancels a date to stay home and watch The Sound of Music. Guest Betty White crosses over in her character Rose from The Golden Girls.

Special Guest Stars: Betty White as Rose Nylund, Andy Milder as Doctor's Assistant, Jay Johnson as George/Myra/Donald

91 21 "Charley for President" Doug Smart Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty March 14, 1992
Furious that neighborhood pest and "lawn Nazi" Hetzel is running for president of the neighborhood association, Carol decides to run a stooge candidate - Charley. Meanwhile, Barbara gets an undercover assignment in the hospital, but can't concoct a disguise Harry doesn't see through instantly.

Special Guest Stars: Lane Davies as Eric Proust, Amzie Strickland as Mrs. Robinson, Frances Bay as Sylvia, Bill Wiley as Old Man Hetzel , Pat Crawford Brown as Melba, Elmarie Wendel as Agnes, Alex Nevil as Mailman

92 22 "Good Neighbor Harry" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Harold Kimmel March 28, 1992
An act of kindness backfires for Harry when a neurotic woman refuses to leave him alone. Meanwhile, Carol's new boyfriend seems perfect except for his hideously annoying laugh.

Special Guest Stars: Louise Lasser as Louise Polsky, Gregory Paul Martin as Ian, April Lindsey as Mrs. Wasserman

93 23 "Final Analysis" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogan April 25, 1992
Just as Carol nears a breakthrough, her psychiatrist dies; Harry's patient thinks he's a comic.

Special Guest Stars: Jack Carter as Himselr, Barry Kivel as Dr. Grossman, Ann Nelson as Mrs. Grossman, Christopher Castile as Barry, Peggy Mannix as Didi, Michelle Watkins as Michele, Kate Fuglei as Kate, Noreen Hennessy as Noreen, Lindsay Parker as Sally

94 24 "Roots" Steve Zuckerman Roger Harris & David Richardson May 2, 1992
The Westons (and Charley) travel to England to their ancestral home Weston Castle, where Harry is to receive of Weston in a ceremony. Unfortunately he gets locked in a dungeon after following a secret passage.

Note Richard Mulligan appears in multiple roles as butler Basil Moretti / Baroness Daphne Weston and as Dr. Weston.