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This page lists the episodes aired in Season Two of the NBC-TV series Empty Nest. The the Season 2 premiere, titled "Settling", first aired on September 30, 1989, with the season's finale episode, "Still Growing After All These Years" airing on April 28, 1990, with a total of 24 episodes aired.

Season 2 (1989-1990)[]

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
23 1 "Settling" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Susan Beavers September 30, 1989
"Carol's boyfriend is interested in marriage - but not consummation.

Special Guest Stars: Tom Isbell as Dan, Craig Stark as Jack

24 2 "Harry Snubs Laverne" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty October 14, 1989 
Harry forgets to mention Laverne in his award acceptance speech when he is inducted into the Centre's Hall of Fame; two elementary school patients decide they are in love and want to be married; Charley begs to be allowed to be buried with the Westons.

Special Guest Stars: Dee Dee Rescher as Mrs. Swenson, Ariana Richard as Phoebe Swenson, Stuart Nisbet The M.C., Terres Unsoeld as Candy, Raffi Di Blasio as Casey, Udena Powers as Mrs. Watson

25 3 "On The Interpretation of Dreams" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Gary Jacobs October 21, 1989
Harry's recurring dream - of being chased by a tiger while wearing a pink kimono in a car on his way to Ed McMahon's house - keeps him and the girls awake, until together they piece together the clues to the dream's subconscious meaning. The Freudian search leads them to an encounter with Laverne at her favorite all-night diner, where she tries to keep her appreciation of the food a secret from Jimmy the chef.

Special Guest Stars: Ralph Seymour as Jimmy

26 4 "Between a Cop and a Hard Place" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Neil Alan Levy October 28, 1989
Barbara learns that Carol's new partner is cheating on her. 

Special Guest Stars: Jon Lindstrom as Joe, R.J. Williams as Timmy, Michael Bower as Josh

27 5 "Just You And My Kid" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & David Tyron King November 4, 1989
A beautiful ex-patient asks Harry to father her child.

Special Guest Stars: Robin Riker-Hasley as Janet Majors, Nicky Rose as Amanda, Justin Burnette]] as Eddie

28 6 "Rambo Of Neiman Marcus" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogen November 11, 1989
Rose gets Harry's car repaired after hitting it; Barbara and Carol witness a holdup at the mall, but it's Carol who nabs the thief.

Special Guest Stars: Betty White as Rose Nylund, Luis Avalos as Lt. Valdez, and Jordan Brady as Delivery Boy

29 7 "You Are 16 Going on 17 and I Am Not" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Susan Beavers November 18, 1989
Carol is aghast that Harry has promised she will tutor a former pupil, until she sees he has grown into a 19-year-old hunk; then she feels guilty for lusting after him. Laverne refuses to go home for her best friend's 30th birthday be cause Harry has a double workload filling in for another doctor.

Special Guest Stars: Brian Bloom as Jimmy the teen

30 8 "The R.N. Who Came to Dinner" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & David Tyron King November 25, 1989
Laverne's husband Nick is in town for their tenth anniversary, but after a fight, she moves in with Harry and proceed s to reorganize the household ruthlessly. A young female patient has no date for her school dance, so Harry tries to boost her confidence by saying he would go with her in a minute, and she takes him up on it.

Special Guest Stars: Mayim Bialik as Laurie Kincaid, Margaret Willok as Mrs. Kincaid, as Chris Demetral as Billy

31 9 "Green Eggs and Harry" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Ron LaZebnik and David Sacks December 2, 1989
Harry refuses to give Charley a medical excuse for skipping jury duty, but Charley then falls for the beautiful blonde foreman of the jury. A patient's father hires Harry to write a children's book, Jumpy the Frog goes to the Hospital, but he can't come up with ideas, he agrees to Carol being his partner. When her ideas are terrible ("You needed that shot, Jumpy, because during the operation you aspirated on your own vomit") and Barbara's are good, Harry tries to keep the truth from Carol.

Special Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as Andrew, Todd Cameron Brown as Terrence, Sydne Squire as Jane, foreman of Charley's jury, G.F. Smith as Mr. Harrison, dissenting jury member, Mitchell Allen as Billy

32 10 "Overdue For a Job" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Ron LaZebnik and David Sacks December 9, 1989
Harry wants Carol to figure out why she keeps quitting jobs, and Barbara is dubious about Carol's chances of keeping her current position as assistant in the university's rare books room - especially after Carol has an encounter with an obnoxious professor. Meanwhile, Charley joins the Big Buddy Society to "meet chicks."

Special Guest Stars: Alan Rosenberg as Professor Brooks, Mary Catherine Wright as Miss Bingham, Catherine Parks as Mrs. Harte, Garette Ratliff as Demetrie

33 11 "A Christmas Story" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogen December 16, 1989
Harry is excited about the annual family skiing trip to Vermont, which Laverne has organized with ruthless efficiency; but the girls would rather stay home and get their wish when Dreyfuss runs away before he can be taken to the kennel. Charley sends out a Christmas card with himself superimposed on the Westons; Laverne is adamant about not accepting any more Christmas gifts from Harry.

Special Guest Stars: Ronnie Schell as Mr. Ritter, Lisa Borges as Caroler, Theresa Ring as 2nd Caroler

34 12 "A Change of Heart" Andy Cadiff Susan Harris & Susan Beavers January 6, 1990
Overworked Harry has an angina attack, causing heartfelt reevaluations on the part of Carol, Barbara and Charley - and anger when Harry refuses to heed the advice of his young cardiologist.

Special Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo as Dr. Leonard, Bill Cort as Dr. Bonham, Annie Barker as Jody, Andree Chapman as Nurse

35 13 "Harry's Choice" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Mitchell Hurwitz January 13, 1990
Furious when she isn't allowed to testify against a mobster she spent months tracking, Barbara impulsively resigns from the police force. Harry encourages her to take a job in real estate, then agonizes over whether his advice is best for her or just a reflection of his anxieties over his daughter being a police officer in a dangerous job. Meanwhile, jealous Carol decides to give Harry a special present: an oil portrait of herself.

Special Guest Stars: Kathleen Noone as Cookie, Barbara's new boss

36 14 "Complainin' In The Rain" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Harold Kimmel January 27, 1990
Tired of Carol's complaining on a rainy Saturday, Barbara challenges her to spend the day with her being spontaneous. This leads to the two gate crashing a party that turns out to be a prestigious Democratic fundraiser. Meanwhile, dueling flashbacks reveal incompatible versions of the day Harry hired Laverne, and when they appeal to Otto the janitor for his version, his story is all about himself. Finally, Carol agrees to an indoor picnic with a handsome auto mechanic.

Special Guest Stars: Christopher Rich as John, Jack Blessing as Evan Phillips, William Edward Phipps as Otto, Thomas Knickerbocker as Man on Phone, Jayson Kane as Secret Service Agent

37 15 "M.D., P.O.V." Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Ron LaZebnik and David Sacks February 3, 1990
A TV station attempts to follow Harry through his day, and when he keeps ducking out must interview Carol, Barbara, Laverne and Charley. Meanwhile, a young boy whom Harry thinks has the flu deteriorates steadily until Harry fears he may die.

Special Guest Stars: Debra Engle as Alexandra Hudson, Beth Grant as Helen, Steve Kahan as David, Matthew Brooks as Roy, Elise Ogden as Mother

38 16 "Everything But Love" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty February 10, 1990

Special Guest Stars:

39 17 "Timing" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty February 12, 1990
Harry's repressed niece Amy comes to visit, still traumatized by the breakup of her engagement a decade before; when she impulsively accepts a date with Charley, Harry fears the worst. Meanwhile, Laverne's visiting friend Lurlene accuses her of becoming "citified".

Special Guest Stars: Cynthia Stevenson as Amy, Wayne C. Dvorak as Waiter, Adam Wylie as Boy

40 18 "It Happened Two Nights, Four Costume Changes" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & David Tyron King February 17, 1990
When Laverne's husband Nick is called out of town, Carol volunteers Harry to escort her to a baseball banquet; misinterpreting Harry's status as her "date," a friend of Nick's assumes that he is Laverne's revenge for Nick's ongoing affair with Cathy Ryan. A furious Laverne phones Nick to tell him she is also having an affair - with Harry. Meanwhile, Carol and Barbara fight over what to do about a mouse about the house.

Special Guest Stars: Ron Orback as Waiter, Carett Lewis as Garett, Charles Walker as Man, Mark Allen Taylor as 2nd Man, Kevin Scannell as Steve Marlowe

41 19 "Love Is Blind" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogan February 24, 1990
Carol and Barbara both date a blind man.

Special Guest Stars: Edan Gross as Jeffrey, Micheal Sabatino as Alan, Stan Roth as Waiter

42 20 "Goodbye, Mr. Dietz" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Tom Zerling March 3, 1990
Charley moves after Harry admonishes him.
43 21 "Lessons" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Susan Beavers March 10, 1990
While dealing with her less-than-attentive boyfriend Michael, who keeps ducking their six-month anniversary, Barbara finds romance in the most unexpected place: high school, where she has gone undercover to track down student computer thieves, and where sweet classmate Darrell becomes smitten with her - and convinced that Carol is her mother. Meanwhile, Laverne's family album convinces her that she is genetically destined to become fat; Harry finally teaches Dreyfuss a trick - fetching the paper - but he fetches every paper in the neighborhood; and Charley takes up golf, which takes it toll on the Weston windows.

Special Guest Stars: Michael Stoyanov as Darrell Davidson, Paul Regina as Michael, David Dunard as Vice Principal, Katherine James as Teacher, Diana Barrows as Student, Christian Hoff as Student, Rif Hutton as Cop

44 22 "Take My Mom, Please Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Harold Kimmel, David Tyron King, Rob LaZebnik & David Sacks March  24, 1990
Barbara takes over the housekeeping while Carol is working overtime at the library, and reduces the house to such a shambles that they decide to hire a maid. After the perfect candidate is hired, it is discovered that half the family silver is missing. Meanwhile, a young patient tries to set Harry up with her mother, and when it goes only so-so, tries to convince each that the other has told her how wonderful it was.

Special Guest Stars: Liz Sheridan as Elspeth, Jennifer Salt as Linda Brody, Hayley Tyrie as Erica Brody, Fran Ryan as Mrs. Kramer

45 23 "Did You Ever See a Dream Dying? Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty April 14, 1990
Harry helps Laverne's husband Nick to buy a bar, which Laverne views as a prescription for disaster; a little lost dog wanders into the Westons' hearts, and they blame all the damage it does on innocent Dreyfuss.

Special Guest Stars: Elizabeth Lambert as Waitress, Al Berry as Customer, Bunny Summers as Nana Feldman, David Jay Willis as Joey's Owner

46 24 "Still Growing Arter All These Years" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Gary Jacobs April 28, 1990
Harry has reservations about his new girlfriend: his blind date with her, set up by his Aunt Rosalie, went amazingly well, but Claire reminds him too much of his dead wife. Meanwhile, a bright kid whose father put him into public school needs advice from Harry on how to be accepted; Charley wants to become a TV weathercaster to meet the beautiful co-anchor; and Harry is concerned that Laverne always knows what he is feeling before he does.

Special Guest Stars: Pat Crowley as Claire, Edan Gross as Jeffrey Millstein, Freddie Dawson as Waiter, Lindsay Parker as Girl