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This episode talks about the death of Phil, Dorothy's brother and Sophia's son. The episode talks about his funeral and the aftermath which has old ghosts coming out for Sophia and Angela (Phil's wife).


The Girls are prepared to go to Phil's Funeral. Dorothy and the rest of the family are in shock, as he died unexpectedly of a heart attack while trying on a dress at Big Gals Payless. Sophia has been showing little emotion, worrying the other girls. At the funeral which is in Miami (at the Family Plot), Sophia and Angela, Phil's widow, aren't talking, carrying on a feud for 26 years, exacerbated by Phil being buried in a black teddy. At the cemetery, Dorothy gives a eulogy praising the man Phil was, but breaks down when she admits she's a little angry that Phil died, leaving her to give the eulogy at her kid brother's funeral, something she never wanted to do. To cheer Angela up and hopefully end the feud, Dorothy invites Angela to stay, but clearly Sophia is remaining cold. Angela confronts her about how little she visited Phil or their children after she married him, and every time Christmas and family events came, Phil pretended to be happy but part of him was sad because he couldn't be with the rest of his family. Angela questions Sophia's hatred of her, and Sophia tells her that her dowry check bounced, equal to $47 American currency. Angela writes a check, exclaiming that she doesn't know whom she's more angry at, her father for thinking he needed to pay a dowry, or Sophia for letting the feud go on for $47. However, Sophia demands to see a driver's license and a major credit card, saying "it's an out-of-state check!" Angela storms back into the kitchen to book the next flight home, but Dorothy insists she return to the living room to ferret out the real reason for Sophia's disdain. As Sophia refuses to speak, Rose uses her work in grief counselling to worm out the truth: she wanted Angela to stop Phil's cross-dressing. Angela insists that it didn't begin with her. Sophia becomes defensive but Rose asks if she felt it was embarrassing to her, which Sophia confirms. She asks Angela if Phil was a good husband and father, which Angela affirms. Rose paraphrases a story of a cousin that was different, and his mother was ashamed to the point that it ruined their relationship. Rose encourages Sophia not to let that happen to her, that it was okay that she loved him. Sophia admits that she did love Phil, but always wondered what she did that made Phil who he was. Angela insists that what Phil was, was a good man. Sophia cries "my baby is gone!" and Angela gives her a consoling hug while the other girls look on in tears.

Guest Stars[]

Brenda Vaccaro ... Angela
Earl Boen ... Father Salerno


  • Blanche's Red Funeral Dress is because George loved Red, requesting everyone to wear it and she also worn a Red Wedding Dress.
  • First Reference to Phil's Crossdressing.
  • After this Episode Sophia is more positive about Phil's Crossdressing.
  • Gloria, Dorothy and Phil younger sister doesn't appear at the Funeral.
  • Behind the Scenes Estelle Getty asked for jokes of Sophia insulting Phil's Crossdressing removed as she felt as a mother Sophia wouldn't be so heartless.