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Not to be confused with Rose's clumsy cousin, Dennis Lindstrom.

Dennis Griffiths was a fictional character featured on the popular 1980s situation comedy The Golden Girls. He was portrayed by Dennis Drake and Jonathan Perpich. He was the son-in-law of Dorothy Zbornak.


Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?[]

Dennis first appears in the second episode, he and Kate are engaged and after Dorothy allows Stan to come to the wedding, he visits Dorothy and Sophia as well as Blanche and Rose. While there Dorothy discovers that Dennis is a Podiatrist and that he's a nice person. After the Wedding, Stan chats to Dennis and Kate showing off pictures of him and his wife. When the couple are leaving Dorothy tells Dennis to take care of Kate as she will kill him if he doesn't.

Son-in-Law Dearest[]

Kate comes to Miami to reveal that she's left Dennis after discovering that he cheated on her. He comes to the house and Dorothy tells him to leave, but when he asks where Kate is Blanche makes something up only for Kate to appear and she wants him gone but he talks to her. She forgives him and they spent the night. The next morning Dorothy and Stan tell him that he hurt Kate and how them as her parents do feel that they are protecting her like they did as a child and Dorothy admits she'll find it hard to forgive him for the time being. But Dennis acknowledges his foolishness and vows never to cheat on her again, Dorothy warns him that if he does she'll hurt him and probably ruin his life for it. She does give him a hug as he and Kate leaves a little tighter than normally.