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David Patton is George Devereaux's illegitimate son whom comes to find out about his Father in the episode An Illegitimate Concern.


Before the Episode[]

David was born to George Devereaux and a unknown mother sometimes during November or December 1967 (according to test on Conception and Birth dates) in Dallas. All thought out his life he was told that his Father was dead and from all cases it seems that his Mother raised him alone, she has been dead for some weeks before the episode.

The Episode[]

David comes to Miami making enquires about George and following his widow Blanche in the market. When he first comes to the house he pretends to be selling Encyclopedias and that George was a buyer, when he finds out George is dead, he apologizes to Blanche and leaves. He had come around so often that Blanche begins to assume that he wants to sleep with her, and that he is obsessed with her. However, the next day he returns and explains. He knows that George is his Father and wants to find out more about him. Blanche doesn't take this well and David reveals his claims are proven as George's name is on his Birth Certificate, also a Trust Fund in George's name and address was also discovered, but Blanche in anger asks him to leave. She then finds her diary proof that George had the affair and out of guilt brought Blanche earrings. However on David's last day before he has to return home, Blanche realizing that David is just as angry as she was as his Mother told a lie all her life they talk about George and she shows him pictures of his Father which she allows him to take a photo of George with him, as he leaves happy to know more about his father.