David was a fictional character featured on the popular 1980s situation comedy The Golden Girls. He was portrayed by Billy Jayne for 1 episode.

Janet and her husband were having marital problems, so they decided to take a second honeymoon in Hawaii, leaving David in the care of his grandmother, Blanche. When Blanche came to pick him up at the airport, he was nowhere to be found, only to be sent home by a policeman, saying he stowed away on a plane to the Bahamas while going to the bathroom. David refuses lunch and decides to go to a restaurant instead.

Later, at 2 o'clock in the morning, David found some "friends" from a pizza joint and listened to some loud music, waking up the girls. Dorothy threw everyone out, making David defensive. Dorothy said that she was having a real problem with his attitude. After David gave a rude response, Sophia immediately slapped him. David runs out to the lanai, leaving his grandmother in shock.

Blanche goes out to the lanai to talk to him. David tells her that no one ever hit him before, and confesses that his mother and father fight frequently, leaving David to take care of himself. As punishment, the girls decide to give him a long list of chores to do.

One night, David decides to sneak out of the house to have his own life. Dorothy, however, catches him and talks to him. Dorothy asked David that he's just gonna wimp up. He denies it, saying he doesn't have to stay there, especially with the crappy chores to do. Dorothy replies that life is full of crappy stuff to do. She then said that his grandmother loves him, and so does Sophia, despite hitting him. David surrenders and says that life stinks, and Dorothy said that he had a choice, either to tough it out or let it beat him, but right now, he's at his grandmother's house and things don't have to stink. If he stays and works at it, and everything turns out, he'll have a place to go to when the things at home really get to stink. She finally gained his trust and fixes him something to eat.


The next evening, Blanche proposes a toast to Dorothy who got an A in her test. Dorothy then continues with another toast to David, saying that in the past week, he has proven that he is one damn good kid. David then decides to stay for good, but that's not good news to the girls. Blanche calls Janet saying that she wants to keep him and raise him herself. Janet refuses and wants to take him home. Blanche tells Janet that if she and her husband don't straighten up she'll kick her uppity butt 'till Hell won't have it again. David goes to Hawaii to join his parents to make a new start in their relationship.

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