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Curtis "Big Daddy" Hollingsworth, was the father of Blanche Devereaux, Virginia Lena Warren, Charmaine Gertrude Hollingsworth, Theodore "Tad" Hunter Hollingsworth, Clayton "Clay" Louis Hollingsworth.



Curtis Hollingsworth was born sometime in the early 1900s in Atlanta, Georgia. He said that as a boy, he was never satisfied with easy things and liked challenges and new things to try. Before he had the chance to go out into the world on his own, he met Elizabeth Ann Bennett, whom he married soon.


He was first seen in the episode Big Daddy in 1986, where he visits the girls and announces he sold his home in Atlanta to pursue a career as a country musician. Blanche is initially upset over this but accepts her father's choice.

In a second appearance, Big Daddy seeks Blanche's blessing on his marriage to a much younger widow named Margaret; after arguing about it and thinking Margaret is trying to replace her late mother, Blanche does eventually give her blessing to the union. (Big Daddy's Little Lady)

In 1989, in the episode Ebb Tide, Big Daddy realized his end was fast approaching and he called Blanche requesting she come home to see him. Seemingly oblivious to his poor health, she refused, as she was queen of the Citrus Festival Ball. Big Daddy passed away shortly after the phone call. Blanche and Dorothy go to Atlanta for his funeral. Blanche visits his grave and apologizes for not being there to say goodbye.

In the episode Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammy, it is revealed Big Daddy had an affair with Blanche's childhood nanny, Mammy Watkins, causing her to be fired and Blanche unable to see her again for nearly 50 years. It is also implied he had an affair with another woman because the music box was not Mammy Watkins’, and Mammy Watkins’ said “then who the hell gave him this music box”. Blanche also revealed Big Daddy had once had an affair with one of her classmates.Big Daddy was portrayed as a gentleman of the Old South; As such, he was portrayed as very polite and charming; He was also known to have a love for cigars and fine alcohol. It is implied Blanche inherited her promiscuity from both he and her mother.


"Big Daddy," a reference to the Tennessee Williams' character Harvey "Big Daddy" Pollitt, in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.


  • Big Daddy was recast after Murray Hamilton died on September 1, 1986, nearly four months after his appearance on the show.