<p />Sophia starts to forget important memories and Dorothy trying to help takes her to Brooklyn.

Synopsis Edit

Sophia starts to have memory troubles which becomes more notable when she forgets her Wedding Anniversary and the tradition that Dorothy has her do every year since Sal's death.

Thankfully once Sophia confronts the truth after realizing she can't remember if Sal craved a Love heart in their apartment's kitchen as Dorothy doesn't know of it, she sees a doctor it turns out her problem is diet related and so is treatable. To try and help Sophia's memory Dorothy takes Sophia to their apartment in Brooklyn, they go and the tenant gives them a little time there, the place is untouched which gives Sophia hope that Sal's craving is still there in the kitchen cupboard but it doesn't, yet the children's height measurement are still there and Dorothy helps Sophia remember the day they brought Phil home. Sophia then goes upstairs to the bedroom, she takes a photograph of Sal out of her purse and Sal's ghost appears and Sophia tells him that she is upset that she might be losing every memory but Sal reminds her is a strong person and she will fight it before he leaves. Dorothy then tells Sophia they will have to leave but as the tenant opens the closet there is the craving Sal did, Sophia remembers that Sal hung Salami in there and with this luck Sophia hopes to recover everything from the past.